The "Flavoring Soylent" thread


they’ve made it so sweet that I’ve been thinking I need to put in some lemon or some arugula


I had a revelation today - I’ve been enjoying Soylent on and off for some time, but I’d been doing the same thing over and over again - and I needed to add something extra - some kind of fun - so I took the same dark chocolate cocoa powder I’d been using… and added three (32 calories worth) crushed CHOCOLATE tea biscuits - I then through in about 2 tablespoons of walnut syrup (with walnuts) and viola!

For years, I worked a deli and made dozens of milkshakes - by far the most popular was a custom one - two scoops oreo, one scoop death by chocolate, a dash of fudge, and walnuts and syrup. And it worked in Soylent too! Nutritionally, I’m sure I’ve added some sugar and calories, but DAMN is it fun to drink! It would make a great evening/desert treat Soylent!

Edit: I should add this is per 400 ml or 14 oz.


You have become a ‘buddha’.


This sounds like a GREAT IDEA :wink: Im just wondering about the caffeine? Since I started I feel crazy when I drink coffee on soylent does the Chai do that as well? Do you happen to know if there is a decaf alternative? What a genius idea thank you so much for sharing.


Not really sure where to put this*, but I wanted to point out something that works great for flavoring soylent.

People are constantly talking about “extracts”, which are crap in comparison by comparison, bug I dont think I’ve ever seen mention of baking emulsions.

Emulsions are an order of magnitude stronger & a bit more expensive, you can add a note CE bit of flavor to a pitcher of silent with a drop or two.

Your grocery store probably doesn’t sell them, but specialty stores like michaels do & amazon of course. I’ve tried coconut lemon, & a cinnamon one (the ones I had) and all work great with a apoonfull of sugar & drop of emulsion when I mix the pitcher.

Fair warning, emulsions are wayyyyyyy stronger than extracts if you’ve ever had a pastery & wondered how they get such a strong flavor of x in it when you can barely taste extracts in your own attempt, the answer is an emulsion.

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Or you can order them directly from the maker, LorAnn Oils, along with all their other kinds of flavorings, which I’m always recommending. (A couple drops of Banana Cream and a couple drops of Orange Oil per serving is keeping me very happy, no sweetener required.)


I have been substituting half of the water with different juices I like: apple, acai, and orange. It makes a fantastic difference!


My favorite additive, and by far the simplist is one or two packets of single serving hot chocolate powder. I’ve been using this combo with 1.4 for about a week now and haven’t gotten bored of it yet. One of the main reasons I started using Soylent was so I didn’t have to go to the grocery store anymore. A single box of hot chocolate mix will last me all week. All I do is add the chocolate mix with dry soylent then add water. I always make my days with of soylent the previous night so the powder has plenty of time to mix to a smooth texture.


Hmmmm I may give this a shot with our remaining 1.5. I like hot chocolate for sure and have it around so, easy enough to do. Thanks for the suggestion!


I’d be interested to hear how the hot chocolate packets approach fares with 1.5, as the flavor of 1.5 (only version I’ve had) seems quite overpowering to hershey’s syrup and cinnamon both so far.


That seems an awfully high price to pay in health, with the high GI nature of fruit juices. Especially with the already higher GI of Soylent simply due to it being a liquid.


I noticed the typical 1 scoop soylent 2 scoops water made soylent slightly thicker in texture in 1.4. So here is my personal favorite recipe:

1 scoop soylent
2 scoops water
2 oreo cookies
3 ice cubes
1 blender(I use the cheapest black and decker at Walmart)

How to make:
1.) put soylent powder, water, and ice cubes in
2.)blend for 1 minute
3.)put oreos in
4.)blend until desired consistency

A small scoop of peanut butter can thicken it up as well and adds some extra flavor that reminds me of a recess peanut butter cup


115g Soylent
8 oz water
1 Splenda packet
1 cap vanilla extract
1 cap banana extract



Woah, so many comments. Thanks to one of the original posters for TPA link, they now have a Soylent specific page up:


I’m a bit confused by their recommendation of 10 drops per ounce. There are 64 ounces of Soylent in my blender (or for others their pitcher). Surely, I can’t be expected to measure out 640 drops. (or even a quarter of that for a meal).


@EveB Well spotted. I think in metric and honestly didn’t catch their suggested drops - oz. Typo?


I agree (and I also think in metric for these purposes, I detest “ounces” because it’s so ambiguous). For LorAnn drops we have been recommending 3-6 drops per serving. Anything more and it would be more accurate and convenient to use measuring spoons. So … ten drops per cup perhaps? Or, even better, per litre?


They recommend their Chicken and Waffle flavor? Somebody has to try that.

They make a lot of funky flavors, including tobacco flavors, that I can’t imagine anyone using in Soylent, but I hope someone tries some of their flavors and reports on what actual amounts work.

I notice in their FAQ they advise against storing flavor concentrates in bottles with rubber eyedropper stoppers, which I’ve been doing. Oh well.


Thank you for the reminder about GI of foods. I track everything I eat with “my fitness pal”. So far, my sugars are very good for the day. I do not have any issues with blood sugar, but I don’t want to create one either. :wink:


Flavour Apprentice seems kind of complicated 10 drops from a tiny 1.3 mm pipette per 1 fl. oz. of Soylent. You are working in extreme micro to achieve what should be a simple goal, hence the very point of Soylent. "Hold on I just have to count out one hundred and sixty drops of this for a half measure of my simplified food for my busy lifestyle…"
Just a little humour, but seriously it seems counter intuitive and productive.
I may be a little late to the conversation but has anyone considered Torani or DaVinci flavouring. Each brand is inexpensive ships nearly everywhere and contains minimal if any harmful agents and both are sugar free.

There are loads of sugar free flavour options rather than getting stuck in a rut having peanut butter and vanilla over and over as it seems everyone is trying to find new and exciting ways of achieving. Though, if that’s what you are after they have some iterations of those too. You can even order a handy pump for the bottle so you don’t even have to mess around with the cap and risk spilling a sticky syrup anywhere. Just pump a few times to taste and presto. Time well managed.

As I said though, I’m late to the convo and there may be an easier, cheaper, healthier more readily available option I’m not aware of.