The "Flavoring Soylent" thread


For savory, curry works.

Pesto sauce works too. Something like one big spoon for 500 cal of 1.5 Soylent. I guess other oil based sauce (marinara?) would work too.


Would bouillon cubes make it taste like soup? Or just salty?


How much vanilla extract do you add to the mix for 1.5?


I tried Ghiradelli powdered cocoa mix (the kind that is supposed to be mixed with milk). 1 Tbsp in a 250 Cal (“single mix”) batch.

It added a pleasant but mild chocolate taste… but did nothing to reduce the concentrated cardboard flavor. Still, I was able to drink about half of what I made.

This is probably not a great solution, but I tried it and I figured I’d share the info :slight_smile:

EDIT: [Soylent 1.5]

EDIT2: Working up the courage to try swapping some of the water for unsweetened black tea (the kind that’s meant to be iced). I feel like it might make friends with the cardboard, instead of fighting and losing to it. Or it might just be a waste of perfectly good tea.


OK, just tried curry in my DIY, and it works as a savory - but it’s much improved (to me) by the addition of some sweetener. Not a lot; it’s still savory, but some sweetness makes a much nicer curry flavor.


I tried tea! I only made a tiny batch (1 Tbsp soylent, 2 Tbsp tea), because I’m almost out but don’t want to make another batch of tea tonight (I also already ate a solid dinner). I warmed the tea up to simulate making it from fresh, and to hopefully reduce the stirring needed. The tea is Luzianne decaf iced tea; I make it a little stronger than instructed.

It was basically how I expected soylent to taste out of the package. Very bland, a little nutty, but that aggressively strong cardboard flavor stopped dominating. Still has an aftertaste, but it’s also a nutty version of that “just ate a bunch of graham crackers” kind of aftertaste. Drinking some tea has gotten rid of it already.

I’m still probably going to look into other flavors, but I think this is what I’m gonna do for now :slight_smile:


I am not scientific about it, to say the least. I used to kind of measure how much flavoring I add, but that was so long ago, I don’t even remember. I buy industrial-sized containers of vanilla extract, and just kind of pour some in. Note that I make it by the pitcher and couldn’t begin to say how much to add to an individual serving. I also add a dab of butterscotch (for smell and overtones of flavor); it’s dense and very strong in flavor, so it probably adds a lot more flavor than I intend. I also add 6-8 packets of splenda, depending on how sweet I’m in the mood for. I definitely add more and stronger flavoring than most, which should be taken into account. Ultimately, just add stuff. It’s not making enough of a flavor dent for you, add more next time, and if it’s too strong, add less. That’s how I got to where I am with it, and I can “feel” how much vanilla to add. It also doesn’t hurt that I don’t much care if I add too much.


More 1.5 shenanigans. I think I’m gonna see if I can sell what’s left to a friend who was interested in trying soylent, as it seems my stomach won’t tolerate more than a tiny bit of it. But I tried another flavor, so description follows.

Made a “meal” batch today. 2 scoops soylent, 450 mL freshly-brewed tea (roughly; my measuring cup had 25 mL intervals), and about 1/8-1/4 c frozen blueberries, which I thawed in the fridge overnight along with ~1/2-1 tsp sugar (similar to how I prep them for muffins, but less sugar).

I mixed it in the blender, which improved texture and of course broke up the blueberries. It tasted better than it did with just tea, with very little blueberry flavor (which is ideal, because I like a hint of blueberry at most). The sweetness kind of balanced out that grainy flavor, bringing it even closer to the kind of bland I’d expected Soylent to be from the start.

I poured most of it into a travel mug for work, then put the rest into a glass (probably 150ish Calories worth, estimating by volume vs volume of the 250-Cal batch). I put the big container in the fridge and drank what was in the glass.

It tasted exactly the same when it came back up half an hour later.


Well then. Not a golden Soylent story there.


I tried Valentina Hot Sauce with a bottle of 2.0. It was okay, mostly just spicy. It was hard to get a good balance but I used just about a tablespoon (I found the flavour very mild and difficult to taste).


I’m looking for opinions. I use 2-3 bottles of 2.0 a day, sometimes more depending on health. I’ve tried different syrups and homemade fruit smoothies. Then I came Bolthouse Farms ready made fruit smoothies. It has added 5 new flavours(of the ones I like), but I’m worried about the additional sugar intake. They vary from 8-36g of sugar per suggested serving. I’m sure I only use about half a normal serving per bottle of 2.0.
Has anyone else used this product or somethings similar, or have ideas for other mixes of this type? BTW buying whole fruits for making my own is prohibitively costly in my area.


Try LorAnn Oils flavorings. They particularly recommend the Flavor Fountain line for protein-shake-type drinks, and people here (like me) have also had great results with the Super Strength flavoring oils and double-strength vanillas (at drops per serving!).

Many, many options available, and lots of people here can attest to them. (Search “LorAnn” with the search option top left.)

Soylent Use by Women?

best ever.

Soylent Use by Women?

Which flavors have you tried? Some of those look amazing.


I bought ALL the 13ml bottles, just started trying them, one flavour per meal, right now I really like Praline and Cream.


Holy crap! All of them?

If I counted correctly, there are 134 13ml bottle flavors listed. That would be $440.86 plus whatever shipping they charge. (134 * $3.29)

How much do you need to use per bottle (or glass) of Soylent for adequate flavoring?


Well i avoided some repetitions, like V1 V2 same flavour.

one serving of Soylent require 6-10 drops, it also depends on the flavor, some lighter some stronger (like cream vs chocolate).

I store these bottles in a cupboard and each time I open the cupboard my nose has an orgasm…


Sure you’re not confusing that with a nasal seizure? :wink:


So I haven’t seen anyone with this particular combination yet. I start with a pitcher full of mixed Soylent (1 full bag, or 2000 calories) that has been chilled overnight. I then flavor individual meals (1/3 of a pitcher) by pouring the mixed Soylent into a blender and adding the additional flavors. The secret ingredients are graham crackers and Sriracha. Please note that I am not counting calories here.

My favorite:
2 heaping teaspoons Starbucks cocoa powder (other brands are fine)
2 heaping spoonfuls of peanut butter
3 graham crackers, original flavor
a squirt (20 or more drops) of Sriracha
5 ice cubes

The consistency and flavor is of a really nice chocolate shake. The graham crackers add thickness and a nice flavor. The Sriracha helps the chocolate flavor come out, and in general adds a nice finish to the taste.

leave out the peanut butter or the cocoa powder

Also nice:
1/2 banana
3 graham crackers, original flavor

This tastes like a drinkable cheesecake, though the flavor was a bit more spot-on with Soylent 1.4 than it is with 1.5.


My go to for the 1.5 is to blend together (in my ninja blender 24oz cup):

1 scoop soylent 1.5
1 banana
1/2 cup blueberries
1/4 cup apple sauce
fill the rest with ionized water
cinnamon to taste

I really like this recipe. The cinnamon makes it very easy on my stomach, and I enjoy the chunks of blueberry/banana/apple. Makes it more of a smoothie than a meal replacement drink.