The "Flavoring Soylent" thread


Damn, that sounds good.


Sorry, what is ionized water?


I was curious too:

Water ionizers are often marketed on the basis of health claims; normally focused on their putative ability to make water more alkaline. A wide variety of benefits have been claimed, including the ability to slow ageing,[3] prevent disease and even offer protection from nuclear fallout.[4]

There is no empirical evidence to support these claims, nor the claims that drinking ionized water will have a noticeable effect on the body.[5] Drinking ionized water or alkaline water does not alter the body’s pH due to acid-base homeostasis.[3]


I was going through this thread and was thinking the same thing using chicken flavored bouillon cubes to make it taste more like chicken… it reminded me of this


Suggested by many, I just tried cinnamon in my powder and it is pretty good!


I put small amounts of the strawberry nesquick powder in 2.0
a dummed down version of strawberry milk, adds some vitamins to it but also adds a bit of calories.


I tried flavoring Soylent five times, best results come from PB2 & a Banana. I did the PB@ & Banana for three days worth of Soylent before I stopped, I just couldn’t stand Peanut Butter and Banana anymore. I prefer the taste of regular Soylent compared to any additive I have tried.


Additionally, by throwing in a blender your eliminating a lot of the ease of Soylent. You could make yourself a very yummy smoothie with some frozen berries, spinach, peanut butter or other protein - there are ways to “Drink” healthy that taste way better than Soylent. The point of Soylent, for me at least is to make better eating decisions and eating habits, along with the inexpensive price, complete nutrition and ease of use.


I’ve been living off just Soylent for the past couple of months, and my go to is always to throw a banana and some ice cubes in there; I also blend with a magic bullet.

So far I’ve tried:

  1. banana + unsweetened cocoa powder + ice cubes + water

  2. banana + matcha green tea powder + one packet of Truvia + ice cubes + water

  3. banana + cinnamon + one packet of Truvia + drop of LorAnn Cake Batter Oil (optional, I just like that cup cakey/cinnabon taste lol) + ice cubes + water

Pretty happy so far; I switch around with these three variations.


Here are my go to’s with V1.5:
Note, I use a blender for all my meals, 4 scoops (2 meals) per batch.

• 3/4 to 1 full FROZEN banana (always)
• 1/2 cup frozen cherries And/Or 1/2 cup frozen blueberries

Blueberry + Banana is delicious!

Have also tried mixing in Odwalla Strawberry+Banana smoothie drink (1/2 container per pitcher). Not bad. I will be trying frozen strawberries soon.

I have not tried LorAnn oils… the frozen fruits are really amazing though.


Alright so yesterday was my first time trying soylent and…it was horrible. It took me four hours to finish a bottle and it made me really nauseous. BUT two hours into it I felt really energized and I am less disgusted by the taste. The only problem is that it keeps me full for hours and if I listened to myself I’d probably only drink two a day.

Today I thought I’d try something for the taste so I made some Tazo Chai Tea (it’s a little bit sugary, with a faint liquorice taste) and added it to the bottle, and it tastes great! The sweetness/licquoriceness seems to balance the taste of soylent and it’s been much easier for me to drink it (it’s also thinner). I’m probably going to try with other teas in the next few days but it’s a good option if you don’t want to add any calories to your mixes and still get it to taste better!


From my own experience, it is very possible that your taste will change and change quickly. I’ve tried a number of DIY soylent and Soylent versions. The first time I tried a number of them I thought there was no way I could drink it. Within a couple days I was craving it. You might just find you don’t need the flavorings after a couple days.


Which version are you on?


I assume “a bottle” means 2.0.


Yes it’s 2.0 but as Jeff said, my taste changed drastically and the next day I didn’t really mind it, and I’m not disgusted by it anymore. I’m still not able to go full soylent yet but I’m trying to increase the number of bottles I drink everyday.


I mix 1.5 with Chocolate Carnivore Protein Powder (beef protein, not whey). Tastes greatish!


For more savory versions:

  • 1 big spoon of miso paste for one serving of soylent (500 cal). Miso does have a lot of salt, so it may not be recommended for everyday.
  • leftover pasta sauce (tomato and oil based) to replace part of the water.

For more creamy version (with more protein), mix some tofu with the soylent (use a magic bullet).


I think for 2.0 the Capella flavoring drops are the BEST way to go. Easiest, so much variety. My go to now for 2.0. I use these with a tbsp. of Agave syrup and it is magical.

I might start a google sheet for all ~143 flavors to track which work best. Based on @Simian recommendations I bought these 4 to try and they are all good. Although the banana was a fake banana flavor like runts or something. I add real cinnamon to the banana and I love it, but on it’s own…meh.

  • Pralines and Cream
  • Blueberry Cinnamon Crumble
  • Eggnog
  • Banana

I wonder though, if now it would be better to have library of flavors that mix with each other, so I can change things up. I’m hesitant to mix Eggnog with too many. Where as I’m thinking it might be better to have base flavors like coconut, cinnamon, coffee, fruits, etc. to take more of a recipe approach to it.

So with 143 flavors I’m thinking we could collaborate and each try different flavors, and come up with a “best of” for Soylent. I’ll start the sheet and post it, but so far Capella is the best solution I have seen. I have one per day but I can’t drink this stuff straight…

Here is the link to the Google Sheet:

1.8 Additional Flavoring

I found a great mix! For the Soylent Drink 2.0, pour the drink into a cup and mix in 2.5 oz of non-alcoholic Pina Colada mix. I used Master of Mixes Pina Colada Cocktail Mix. The resulting drink tastes good and goes down very nicely.


I have been using Soylent for about 2 weeks now. I struggle to just eat more than twice a day during the work week (bad habit to break from college). Yet I have significantly upgraded from drinking a 17oz bottle a day to now a 17oz and a 22oz (improvement!)

I’ve used Crystal Like Strawberry Lemonade, like 2 squirts, and the bland flavor evolved into a jelly filled donut! Oh my god, I chugged my metal water bottle when I tasted it.

I actually just used GV simply clear, strawberry watermelon, in my Soylent. I also blended frozen strawberries (2), papaya (3), and mango (3) in it and it tastes amazing!