The "Flavoring Soylent" thread


I just got my first month supply of 2.0. (24 bottles of Coffiest, 48 bottles of 2.0). I’m really looking forward to trying out some of these combinations. Thanks for your hard work in putting this sheet together!


Thanks a lot @luke_hardeman ! I need to update the sheet. I have been drinking 2.0 now for quite a while and I have gotten to try numerous flavors. It’s very odd, many of these flavors almost “disappear” into the soylent, yet some marry very well.

After trying many of these here’s my simple review so far. Anything call “XXX and Cream” goes great. Strawberries & Cream is my favorite. Pralines & Cream is my second favorite. My wife loves French Vanilla.

My next Capella purchase (which I buy through l be pretty much all “Something & Cream” flavors. I’ll keep you up to date on this thread!


i actually love making smoothies with Soylent, matcha powder, lemon juice and strawberries. I’ve never tried Soylent + matcha on it’s own, but I would expect it would be tasty.


Cinnamon oil flavoring (I’ve got the lorAnn brand) works much better than ground cinnamon. Super tasty! Just add 5-6 drops per serving.

The 1.8 powder tasted almost rancid the first time I tried it (it was actually undrinkable for me) and the cinnamon oil completely covered it up and made it actually good. I’ve got other flavors, but none are nearly as good as the cinnamon.


It is not. Do not do it.


2.0, Mix with orange juice and Rockstar Orange Recovery (non carbonated, only 6g of sugar and 20 calories for the whole 16 oz can. There IS 160 mg of caffeine in the 16 oz can, thus my use of a partial can ), I only prep solyent for my lunches and use 8ounces of Rockstar with about 8ounces of OJ, mix isnt important, as flavors combine seamlessly. I combine all ingredients in a glass container (I use old SnappleApple containers), shake for about 30 seconds, take it to work, sit it in fridge till lunch, shake it up again and consume.