The "Flavoring Soylent" thread


I do a whole banana for a daily portion, 200ml of almond milk, and stevia. The banana does wonders, but there was still a bit of a bitter aftertaste that made it feel like I was drinking liquified hay. That was when I was using vanilla almond milk. Since switched to chocolate almond milk. Viola! This stuff is damn good now. I actually look forward to drinking it.


Oooo! I’ll have to try that! I’ve tried fresh strawberries and frozen cherries. So far, they mostly just change the color and don’t really affect the taste too much. But I do like chocolate almond milk, so I’ll have to pick some up at the store and give it a try! :smiley:


It’s being a pest and won’t play well on my phone at the moment, but I believe…

This is the presentation @vanclute referred too, given by @rob on 2/26 during the 2014 Launch Festival.

This is a long video, the Soylent presentation begins at about the the 1:11:30 mark.


Is this the almond milk from the cold case or from the cartons from the shelf in the cereal section?


It’s the same stuff either way.


Has anyone tried substituting in some chicken/veggie stock for water?


-l-glutamine its used as a sweetener/promotes imunsystem strength/reduces allergies.

-coco for iron and fiber

-banana for potassium


to those of you using almond milk and other liquid replacements… are you not using any water and just those ingredients or partial? thanks


Have you received the mini syrups yet? Any thoughts?


I got you in the mixing temp thread @achemerys but I thought I would put similar info here for everyone watching this thread.

todays and yesterdays batch started out as 1000ml strong fresh brewed tea, and mixed in powder and filled remaining space in standard pitcher with water.

This weekend I think I am going to try cold brewed coffee :slight_smile:


ok gotcha. i am interested in the java… i love me some coffee… haha… thanks for the reply.


Not yet. UPS tracking is showing delivery for next week, that’ll make it about two weeks since I ordered before it gets here. Kinda disappointing speed from Zavida.


It works decently as coffee creamer, but you have to keep stirring it since it settles down to the bottom.


Tried some LorAnn cheesecake flavoring in Soylent. Seemed like it would be a good combination, but it ended up tasting nothing like cheesecake or Soylent and was just pretty nasty. I’ve got some other flavors I’ll try later on.


Reading this thread makes me wish I lived in a house (maybe just neighborhood…) full of fellow Soylentiers so we could all share with each other.


I’ve been thinking ovaltine would be a healthy alternative to a choclate syrup


Tried nesquik powder today. 1 large spoonful (enough to flavor 1/2 glass of milk) isn’t enough to flavor 1/4 glass of Soylent.


Since I had some MET-Rx ‘Extreme Chocolate’ powder sitting around I tried tossing it into a pitcher of Soylent, both for additional Protein and a little flavor … turns out this actually mixes rather well. One bag of Soylent, add water, shake it up, add MET-Rx, Oil blend and more water, shake it up some more and enjoy. And, either I’m getting used to the chalky mouth-feel or the MET-Rx does something to reduce that as well. Bonus!


I am drinking my Soylent mixed with cold “brewed” coffee, and it’s delicious, I want to wolf down the whole glass. Welcome to your new Soy-latte. :wink: It helps that I started with a cold press coffee from a coffee hut near me that makes some of the most delicious coffee I’ve ever had in the first place. Definitely worth doing. I didn’t get to trying all the extracts we bought this weekend, life you know. I blame it on the traditional food meal the wife and I had, it skewed our normal soylent flow. I will report back when I get to them.

BTW if you are going to try the cold press coffee in the blender it foamed up ALOT before adding the powder. If you make strong cold press and have to cut it with water, mix with the water first then add your coffee for less foam up. :slight_smile: I also waited to add the oil to the mixture until this morning after letting it sit overnight, that’s just my way now.



I will probably just do one cup via my keurieg. Ill make my shake in the pitcher, then add the cup of hot coffee and try overnight.

Im from the lazy camp, so anything more than that gets outside my wants…

I did use a blender for the first time yesterday with 2 bananas. I totally dig the taste.