The "Flavoring Soylent" thread


Sharing the process of a friend:


They’re here. I’ll be testing them out over the next week or two and will report. I do really like plain Soylent, so these won’t be in every glass… unless I happen across a too awesome to pass up combo.


Tried LorAnn Mint Chocolate (one drop in half a cup, that stuff’s strong).

Okay, didn’t actually prefer it to plain.


I mixed mint chocolate got cocoa powder with my poor man this morning. Pretty delicious.


I took some Hersey’s chocolate and squeezed a blob into the full pitcher. shook it up, put in the fridge and then shook again in the morn. mmmmmm good stuff.

I did not measure…If i was forced to give a close measurement, maybe half the amount to fill the backerkit scoop that was provided.


If you’re counting calories, the Nesquik (no sugar added variety) is fewer calories than the syrup and mixes better in my experience so far. It does not appear to be entirely dairy-free though.


never been a nesquick fan… but im not counting calories at that level yet. if/when I need to, ill check that out.

much appreciated.


@kennufs: Have you been able to try the flavors? Does Soylent mask/absorb them as much as others, or do the drops remain effective?


Only a couple so far… what I have tried has a kinda weirdish taste once you add enough to get flavor, which kills the flavor. I think these may be to subtle to be effective here. The weird taste is almost like alcohol (think too much vanilla extract), but that’s not really an accurate description. I will be trying the rest though, fingers crossed that some of them will work well.

More a DIY’y thing than a flavor thing. This week though I have been experimenting with an earlier variation of this Official Soylent based recipe, just got my last ingredient from Amazon today to complete this version, so I haven’t been using straight Soylent all week. This recipe uses Soylent as the primary ingredient, but attempts to reduce the calories and adjust the macros to 40/25/35 while still keeping all the micros above 100%. So far I am liking it, good flavor and consistency, and no need for a blender which is nice, just mix and shake like straight Soylent.


For anyone who doesn’t care how many calories: put some Nutella in your mix. I use a blender and when I added ice + Nutella, I ended up with heaven.

Pure heaven in a thermos.


I’m going to have to try this.


I’ve been using Hershey’s Dark Chocolate Cocoa Powder. About 2 Tbsp. per 2 liter pitcher.

Poor first experience - Looking for "flavor neutral" recipe?

Dang, I didn’t see this thread and just created a similar one.

I person put a whole banana and 4-5 spoonfuls of peanut butter when I’m making my days worth of Soylent.

Chocolate milk sounds very interesting and I might have to try that one out!


Just want to chime in that I found a mix that’s working for me:

3 Tablespoons Hershey’s Dark Chocolate Cocoa Powder
2 Whole Bananas, sliced then immersion-blended

I add the cocoa with the powder, then the water, shake for 30s, add bananas and oil, shake and chill. Delicious!


Friend mentioned wanting to get mint into the equation somehow; got some mint extract, soo… planning to make a batch of mint chocolate next! =)


Using McCormick imitation extracts (found in baking aisle at grocery store) and frozen fruit, I’ve come up with a few tasty recipes. Each recipe uses 3 cups of ice water (Just a little ice to break up Soylent, kinda like a blender ball.) This makes a thick Soylent, which has the consistency of a shake. It also allows it to fit into the blender.

First, to the pitcher add 1/2 of ice water, then powder, then 1/2 of ice water, then shake until it’s pretty much mixed. (This seems the best way to stop it from clumping on the bottom or top.) I made this step easier by drawing lines on my pitcher with a Sharpie to show me how much water to put in. I use 8 ice cubes total.
Next, add to blender.
Then, add flavoring ingredients (and the 1/4 tsp salt if you’re on Soylent-only diet.)
Blend, and pour back into the pitcher.

– I have found this is the best way to make Soylent because just shaking in pitcher leaves clumps and using the blender first leaves a lot of powder stuck to the sides. Anyway, now on to the flavors! Oh… when I say “Soylent scoop” I mean that metal one from the starter kit.

1 Soylent scoop of frozen raspberries
1 tsp McCormick raspberry extract
(raspberry seeds get stuck in my teeth but it’s worth it)

2 Soylent scoops frozen blackberries
(I can’t find an extract for this, and it leaves a lot of seeds to get stuck in my teeth… I probably won’t repeat even though it was tasty.)

Strawberry Banana:
2 Soylent scoops of frozen strawberry banana mix
2 tsp McCormick strawberry extract
1/2 tsp McCormick banana extract

7-10 frozen strawberries
2 tsp McCormick strawberry extract

1 tsp McCormick hazelnut extract
(This stuff is strong, so don’t add more than 1 tsp. It is very tasty)

1/2 tsp McCormick almond extract
(This stuff is even stronger and also very tasty)

(borrowed idea from above posters)
I just brewed 3 cups strong coffee and used it instead of water. Wait for the coffee to cool before putting it into the pitcher. I still blended it to eradicate lumps, and added 1/2 cup Splenda to sweeten it. I make one of these every 3 days, divide it into 3, and there’s my breakfast.


Sounds interesting if you have a blender, though I’d ask why use extract when you have the fruit already? Also personally I can’t stand the alcohol taste of most extracts when mixed in my soylent. When I do get a blender I’m going to have a field day with fruit soylent smoothies.


“Leche con Platanos” Soylent:
1/2 banana
2-3tsp cinnamon (Saigon is what I have)
1/4 day (500 Cal) Soylent, as mixed in pitcher.

Whirl in the large magic bullet cup.



I put a scoop of Hershey’s Special Dark Cocoa Powder into a thermos full - it was a good sized scoop, but MAN did that taste great! It added maybe 20-30 calories, total, but supposedly dark chocolate is good for your blood pressure, so I was delighted that it was such a tasty beverage!

EDIT: Actually, this raises a question - 75% or better dark chocolate is supposed to be good for my blood pressure. What % is cocoa powder, or ‘special dark’ cocoa powder? I mean, cocoa powder is… just cocoa, right? That’s something like 100% cocoa?



The special dark is in fact 100% cacoa but it has been “Dutched” which removes some of the nutrients. It does include a non-negligible amount of micronutrients, especially Iron, Magnesium and Potassium. As long as you aren’t going crazy with it (one scoop sounds right) you should be fine, but it isn’t JUST a low calorie flavoring agent, it has nutritional content.

1 heaping tablespoon should be more than enough. I’m down now in my DIY to about half of that. It is much more neutral, but that was my goal.