The "Flavoring Soylent" thread


If you look at the side of the Hershey’s Special Dark cocoa it has a disclaimer that says that the normal (non-dark) cocoa has more antioxidants than the dutched cocoa.


Specifically, I saw that flavanoids reduced bloodpressure, but it as to be 70% cocoa (or in some places, cocoa powder). I’d like to do the best I can for my blood pressure, and I always eat about 30 grams of dark (85% dark).

What I’m trying to figure out is if the cocoa powder itself has the flavinoids. Here’s what I’ve found:


Pina Colada Soylent:
1 packet of the flavoring
Dissolve in 1-2 oz water in 16.9-20oz bottle, shake well.
Pour prepared Soylent, filling to top of bottle, mix well.
WARNING: Flavor packet will NOT mix with prepared Soylent.
WARNING #2: This is amazing!


Pre-prepared and chilled Soylent is EXCELLENT as a replacement for cream in chai tea. I’ve also made tomorrow’s batch with strong-brewed chai tea in place of the usual water. It smells like pumpkin pie and I am extremely excited to try it, but I have to let it chill and soak.

I’ll be trying a range of teas as well, and reporting back here. So far, I’ve only seen green tested and the tester said it worked out pretty well. My next test is probably going to be strong-brewed Earl Grey, as I’m told citrus with Soylent is amazing.


Ok, the results for any who are interested in them:

Soylent was prepared at about 8AM EST, using a full pouch in the provided Takeya pitcher with an added 1/4tsp of Morton’s Iodized Salt. The usual water was replaced by strong brewed black chai tea. Oil was added at 9AM EST the following morning.

Soylent was consumed from a Contigo Auto Seal 20oz mug, filled halfway with ice, and all the way with aforementioned Soylent.

This stuff tastes like Pumpkin Pie. It’s amazing.


What brand chai? How long did you steep the tea?


Omg, I just found out my fiancee has a secret addiction to flavored water packets (seriously, she has 3 gallon-sized ziplock bags full of them). So I’m going to try mixing some in with small servings of soylent and see which work. I’m hoping they don’t taste too chemical with the artificial flavorings.

As for teas/replacing water, I really enjoy using my keurig to add a cup of chai tea latte, cocoa, or caramel cappuccino in place of some of the water occasionally. I don’t really brew my own chai tea, but I have used Tazo and Oregon Chai tea latte concentrate as well (you don’t need a lot, it’s normally diluted with milk when making chai tea lattes).

Edit: Black teas should be steeped in much hotter water (just off boiling) compared to most teas. As for how long, that really depends on you, if steeping in pot 2 tea bags 5 minutes, in cup 1-2 minutes, if you’re going for strong tea, steeping for 15 minutes, or until liquid is tepid, should be more than enough.


If you have any of that brand that I posted, do NOT do the margarita. It was TERRIBLE.


Uhhhh… it came in a red box? And it steeped for about an hour or so…




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PB2 is a pretty great addition. I had a ton left over from my DIY days, about 3 tbs/2L.


I’ve mixed tomorrow’s batch with Earl Grey. Usually, Earl Grey with a little bit of french vanilla cream in it tastes like the milk left over at the end of a bowl of Froot Loops, so I’m hopeful. I’l update tomorrow when I know for sure.


Dat bergamot oil. Yum!


Has anybody tried the Torani Syrups? I’m curious if they have any effect or not.


Has anyone tried adding Malt Powder? Seems like it would add a nice texture and flavor.


Earl Grey Tea results are in, and it’s also delicious. It’s… kinda like breakfast fruity cereal, only it lacks the overwhelming sweetness. It could do with some sweetening, but it doesn’t need it really. Maybe a packet or two of Monk Fruit extract.

As an interesting note, the tea was still reasonably hot when I added it to the powder, which I then shook well and refrigerated overnight. Due to the seal on the Takeya pitcher, and the inherent contraction of heated liquids when they cooled, the pitcher actually pulled a very slight vacuum, which prevented the batch from separating.

I’m beginning to think strong brewed tea is the best way to flavor Soylent in general. I have yet to go wrong with this method…


Takeya pitchers warn you that you shouldn’t close the lid when there are hot liquids inside, at least, the one I have (which is an all-purpose 2L pitcher, not one of the tea specific pitchers).


I tried flavoring some meals with Crackled Dark Chocolate and that was quite nice.

It does not impart flavor until you chew it. However the presence of something in the mix that you must chew pushes the base flavor way into the background, and is the dominate flavor while you chew.

To make Crackled Chocolate:

Microwave a dark-chocolate bar inside a 1-gallon zip lock bag till semi-soft, then flatten very very thin w/rolling pin, or pint beer glass. Chill till crisp, then crumble to average size between a grain of rice and a split pea.

Add the equivalent of 1/5th to 1/2 bar to a full day’s batch of Soylent/Schmoylent/DIY.

Also try stirred into vanilla ice cream.


About 20 ounces Earl Grey Soylent added to roughly 4 ounces of warm water and 2 packets of Monk Fruit Extract, stirred to combine and ice added is, hands down, amazing.

I’ll have to try this with the Chai, and if it works as well as I imagine I may have found my new go to…