The "Flavoring Soylent" thread


My girlfriend uses malt all the time, and loves it. Especially when it’s Ice Cold - tastes like a milkshake!


You know what’s kind of fun? Throw in some Maria biscuits (thin, vanilla wafer like tea biscuits) and then add in a dab of vanilla frosting OR a scoop of birthday cake Ice Cream. Holy god. I could drink a liter of of that in a heartbeat!


What I’ve been doing that works really well is adding peanut butter chocolate powder that can be found at your local grocery store (I get it at Walmart) and a banana and blend it, the powder is nice because it is only 45 calories a serving (which you only need one serving) so it doesn’t add to much but flavor. It tastes great and I even got my boyfriend to love it like this.


Cool thread.


  1. A lot of these add-ins bring calories. If you’re a “Soylent to lose weight” person, pay attention to that.

  2. Remember the salt. Salt suppresses bitters and brings out many other flavors - even if there’s not enough salt for it to taste salty, the salt is still affecting the rest of the flavor profile. The low salt content of Soylent may be part of why some flavoring attempts come across as very weak.


I’ve been adding NutriFruit (freeze-dried powdered fruit), blueberries and strawberries are my favorite. No added sugars.

A little goes a long way, I use 1 Tablespoon per pitcher. And its a little on the pricey side.


Try some of the spiced and herbal teas too (GREAT!!!):


Today’s batch was made with Lipton’s Peach Mango White Tea. They’re the little pyramid bag ones.

It’s also delicious. Not quite what I was expecting, but sort of like if a creamsicle was flavored with peach and mango instead of orange. Very very good.

Tomorrow’s batch will be Mandarin Orange Green Tea, and I’ll be reporting back.

(All of my batches have included added Monk Fruit extract, as a no calorie sweetener. The odd taste of Soylent and tea necessitates it.)


I just did 2 of the old school fruit punch packets and a cup of equal. it tastes like fruit punch cupcakes.

I think next time I will try with one packet first, but it is mixed and way more drinkable than I actually expected. I think if you did one packet and found something to round out the flavor a little more (it’s very cake and acidic right now) it would be awesome.

I think I will experiment with different flavors. I also have peach tea and lemonade packets that might work (lemon squares?)


edit: It still tastes a little weird and I found a bunch of power at the bottom. I don’t think the equal dissolved, so I liquid sweetener might be a good choice.

double edit: regret level 1000 dumping it


ytfsic - you win. That was probably the funniest thing I’ve read all month. By all means, please tell us how it goes. I’m quite the taco enthusiast myself. Maybe next time try blending in some Pizza Flavored Combos.


My Soylent finally arrived (yea!). After drinking the first days supply plain, I added 2 tbl of the Malt powder to the second batch along with a little chocolate syrup and I really liked it. I think it tastes much better, the malt gives it a much better consistency in my opinion.


One of the first things I tried was adding fireball whiskey to my soylent. It wasn’t bad, a decent shot of it added some cinnamon flavor to it, but like other people have said with the extracts, the alcohol flavor seems pretty strong. Not really any worse than drinking shots of the stuff, though. Unfortunately, I can’t legally consume alcohol when I take this to work, so I don’t think I’ll be doing it often.

Verdict: give it a try if you have Fireball already. Probably not worth buying the whiskey for it though.


Thanks I did some salt this last batch and it seems a little better. I only add chocolate powder (80 calories) and a little cinnamon. Though I am now getting more of the aftertaste of the artificial sweetener in it, but its not too bad.


I just ordered a LorAnn ten pack of the 1 ounce bottles of concentrated flavoring. How much do you use per mix (I use the blender method for mixing my Soylent)? An eyedropper’s worth or some other measure?


Depending on the flavor, I find a couple of drops per serving is quite enough to taste.


I bought some of the lemonade flavored Mio water flavoring stuff to try today. It was pretty good, and it didn’t take a whole lot to make the flavor come through. I thought it tasted kind of like those lemon bars for desert, but other people thought it was way too sweet. I might try other flavors soon, but they’ll probably be even sweeter.


The corner store sells cans (like soda) of Foco - Thai Iced Tea. 11.8 fl oz with 200 calories. I added one to a pitcher after getting a glass for myself and it made ALL the Soylent taste like the Thai iced tea! It’s a rich taste so I wouldn’t do it frequently, but I plan on using it in rotation. They have a few other flavored drinks I might try.


So I just tried mixing prepared Soylent with apple cider in a glass (~1:1) which was OK, but not worth repeating. Also with goat milk (~1:1) and that was pretty nice. I then tried adding more Soylent to the glass and it was still pretty OK. I didn’t want to make a whole pitcher, and while flavor dilution is a factor, it gave me enough to go on to try making my next pitcher mixing in goat milk in place of water. I wanted more Calories, and this way I’ll get a little more saturated fat, which Soylent is low in. I didn’t measure, as I’m still experimenting with the basics, but it can’t be worse than plain Soylent.

Edit: I poured water in until it looked about the height I remembered. It was approximately 2 cups of goat milk.

Yesterday I had the worst gas in smell and volume. Goat milk was a bad idea in that regard. The Soylent flavor was milder and had less aftertaste, while being creamier. Unfortunately the aftersmell was abysmal. Today I’m on regular Soylent and things have calmed down immensely.


If you’ve never made your own Thai iced tea, it’s rather delicious and cheap. You boil 4 cups of water with a cup of Thai tea mix and 3/4 cup of sugar for ~3 minutes or until sugar is dissolved, then let steep until room temperature (~30 minutes). Then you strain out the tea leaves and chill the mixture for future use or use immediately. Pour over ice to 3/4 of the cup (use a tall glass), then add a little cream of your choice (half & half, coconut milk, regular milk). I’ve also tried it mixed with soylent, and you’re right it does dominate the taste profile, making the soylent more of a dessert :slight_smile:


I bought some natural vanilla extract hoping to flavor it and the same thing happened to me: I put about 2 teaspoons in my first batch and couldn’t taste a thing! My go to flavoring now is Hershey’s chocolate syrup :slight_smile: I squeeze the bottle for about 3-5 seconds into the pitcher and shake it all up and it’s like a nice, thin milkshake.


That’s what I do, it’s great! Going to have to try coffee next so that I can kill two birds with one stone! :slight_smile: