The "Flavoring Soylent" thread


I used Hershey syrup for a while then I switched to Nesquik chocolate powder. The powder has less sugar, is less expensive and much easier to add a fixed amount (I use 2 tbl per batch).


Yea the sugar was the only thing that concerned me slightly since I was putting a lot in there and I’m not on a 100% Soylent diet so I may have been consuming excess calories. I’ll have to look into getting the Nesquik powder when the syrup runs out.


Go for Hershey’s special dark cocoa powder. No sugar added. I believe @casssax adds it to the powder before mixing


Definitely recommend mixing the cocoa in the dry powder before getting it wet, otherwise the cocoa is likely to clump up and make it generally gross until you make the effort to put it in a blender.


I threw one of these in my morning Soylent to give it a nice caffeine kick and to impart a slight coffee flavor:

The chocolate syrup was more overpowering though, didn’t want to add anymore shots since they’re like 60 mg caffeine each.


I’ve tried a lot of additives and techniques but my favorite recipe so far:

  • Soylent 1.0 (two scoops, or one meal)
  • Chai Tea (Stash brand, still hot, one scoop+)
  • Unsweetened Nesquik (to taste, around 2 tbsp)
  • Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk (one scoop+)
  • Water (one scoop)
  • Whole Banana (peeled, obviously)
  • Peanut Butter (2 tbsp)

NB: I try to use an equal ratio of chai : milk : water but if I want more caffeine or a stronger spice flavor I will use more chai and less water.

I throw it all in a blender, though as some people have pointed out using the hot chai gets a smoother mouthfeel so adding that first may be beneficial. Once everything is blended, I add a few ice cubes, blend them in and finally put it in the fridge overnight. I add the fish oil to the container in the morning and shake it up then.

Of all the combinations and preparations I’ve tried, this gives me the most compelling flavor and texture without a ruinous amount of additional calories. The added peanut butter and banana make it filling enough to last through my work day or what would normally be two meal’s worth… so that’s one way to stretch your Soylent supply.


Maybe you’re sensitive to caffeine, but 60 mg is not a lot. Also, those are only 40 mg/cup. A standard cup of coffee is around 100 mg of caffeine, so you could add 2 of those if you wanted more flavor while still not getting even a full cup of coffee’s worth of caffeine.


Ok, so far I really like 1.1. The reduction in sucralose has made plain Soylent tolerable for me and I don’t mind really that it is “thinner” than 1.0. I might try something like malt to thicken it up in the future, but not a big deal.

Now onto the actual experiment. I was standing at the fridge pouring a large glass of soylent and saw the jug of Wegmans Apple Cider next to it. So I poured a splash into the Soylent…OMG SO TASTY! So I put just a little more after that and I have never wanted my Soylent so much as now. No, Apple Cider isn’t necessarily good for me, but I its not like I put a lot in there.


Definitely not “sensitive” to caffeine I have about a monster a week or less, I used to drink one every morning when I started my first full-time job 2 years ago. I would also take Stacker 2 Yellow Jackets (horrible things, they have like 300 mg of caffeine and 200 mg of ephedra…take about a nasty crash!) in High School. I’m not a big fan of the black coffee taste (my coffee is heavily sweetened) and I tried one this morning in a single serving or unflavored soylent and it wasn’t that great, still needed the chocolate syrup.


I may have to give that a try since I have a gallon of apple cider sitting in my fridge :smile:


I saw on a blog somewhere that matcha was good, I ordered a bag from Amazon. I’ve been using the two pack of PB2 and PB2 chocolate with good results, it also seems to help with the grittiness.


Has anyone tried using the Torani sugar free syrups? I’m looking at adding some flavor without adding any calories. I think Vanilla or Caramel could be pretty good.

I’m definitely looking forward to adding some PB2. The only problem with PB2 is it’s not cheap, and adding in a few tablespoons every day would add substantially to the monthly costs.


I’ve consistently been adding some of the habanero’s I grow to my Soylent batches I make.

Gotta tell you that I find it really very good and gives me way more energy/lift/kick than caffeine.

I blend/mash/puree the suckers before I add them to the batch…


Just my two cents here:

I’m exploring some options and will update.

I’ve tried peanut butter twice. It’s really really good. Only about 1-2 Tablespoons per serving does it. I just put in 1 generous spoonful and blend the s**t out of it. (Bought a stick blender. Works wonders.) It tastes like a melted peanut butter shake (in a good way).


How many yoohoo packets did you use for a full day’s pitcher?


Another thumbs up for PB2. I just put a rounded tsp in 8 ounces of Soylent 1.0 (250 cal) and it definitely improves the taste. (Haven’t tried the chocolate PB2 yet)


This stuff rocks: Milk Magic

So far I’ve only tried the cookies & cream flavor, but I love it. I’ll definitely be trying other flavors next time I go to the store.


I’m a little bit disappointed with the taste of Soylent 1.1, I miss the sweeter, vanilla flavor… Anyone know how you can get that back?


Add a few spoonfuls of sugar? Or a bit of Splenda?


To replace the sucralose, I find about two drops of half-concentration liquid sucralose (that’s the two-ounce size, here) per 16-to-18 oz. serving does the trick. About a teaspoon of sugar should do the same. When sweetened, it doesn’t taste less vanilla-ey to me, but mileage may vary.

You can buy EZ-Sweetz or other liquid sucralose brands lots of places. I’d recommend the half concentration (two drops = the sweetness of one tsp. sugar) because it’s easier to adjust the amount. You can add a drop to your pitcher, shake, taste, add another drop, repeat until you find the sweetness that’s right for you.

Or, that much sugar won’t add too many calories. It’s 16 calories a teaspoon, and you probably won’t need more than five teaspoons a pitcher.