The "Food Babe" Blogger Is Full of It

I found this article too hilarious not to share although it is only tangentially related to Soylent: The “Food Babe” Blogger Is Full of Shit

This is Hari’s business. She takes innocuous ingredients and makes you afraid of them by pulling them out of context (Michelle Francl, in a review of Hari’s book for Slate, expertly demonstrates the shallowness of this gimmick). This is how Hari demonized the harmless yet hard-to-pronounce azodicarbonamide, or as she deemed it, the “yoga mat chemical,” which is yes, found in yoga mats and also in bread, specifically Subway sandwich bread, a discovery Hari bombastically trumpeted on her website. However, as the science-minded among us understand, a substance can be used for more than one thing perfectly safely, and it doesn’t mean that your bread is made of a yoga mat if it happens to contain azodicarbonamide, which is FDA-approved as a dough-softening agent. It simply means your bread is composed of chemicals, much like everything else you eat.

Hari’s rule? “If a third grader can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it.”

My rule? Don’t base your diet on the pronunciation skills of an eight-year-old.

Quick, someone ask a third grader to pronounce isomaltulose! :joy:


You just got me to read a Food Babe article. One of the ones that was silly enough that even she took it down. You owe me two IQ points! This is how you should handle water intake during flights:

Before flight: Drink 16 oz of water.
During flight: Drink 8 oz of water per hour.
After flight: Drink 8 oz of water per hour.

I’ve never used an airplane’s washroom. And it’s because I would not have followed her advice. And nothing is more distressing than navigating an airport looking for facilities. I prefer being slightly dehydrated till I get back to the land of washrooms. The woman must have a bladder made of industrial rubber.


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OMG I remember all the hoopla about the yoga mat chemical in Subway bread. Heard about it on the news. I think she actually succeeded in getting them to change their recipe. The power of pseudoscience.


They prefer glucopyranosyl-fructofuranoside.


I would love to see someone who actually has a third grader get a video of the kid pronouncing all kinds of “terrible” things like a boss.


I’ll grant that she’s a babe, though.

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Third graders are idiots that can’t pronounce a lot of stuff. Are you telling me I shouldn’t eat abominable snowmen now?

I believe that is pronounced “ubomable snowman”

The Jenny McCarthy of food blogging strikes again!

‘Food Babe’ is part of the Weston A Price Foundation’s Axis of misinformation which includes luminaries such as Sally Fallon, ‘Dr’ Mercola, Mark Sisson, Gary Taubes and pretty much every major low-carb, high fat blogger/author/shady supplement marketer.

The Foundation and its acolytes spew out scare stories about vegetables, grains, fruit, nuts, microwaves, pasteurization, vaccination, fortification and now Soylent on a daily basis.
They were the originators of the current fearful hysteria over soybeans.

But they never put out scare stories about any meat or dairy product.

Have a guess where there funding comes from…


Just saw a presentation by the Science Babe and offered her a taste of Soylent 1.4. Can’t say she liked the taste (what minuscule sip she had) but she’s certainly interested in the concept. And diet coke.

You fool. You have surely destroyed us all.


Maybe if it had been 1.3…