The Free Soylent Shaker Bottle


Had not seen a post yet, but got this today!
Sorry if you did not get one, maybe they will sell it online? (Hint hint)
Will be Ideal to put 2.0 into (414 ml bottle will fit, I tested) and then mix stuff into it.

I got an email 12/7
Hi xxxxx,
We’ve got a little present for our oldest friends. Thank you for supporting us since Kickstarter!
Just click on the link below to confirm your address, and you’ll get a nifty new Soylent blending bottle

Nice gift for being OG!

Calorie Markings on the Front. nifty

And See the shaker ball and also cup/ml markings on the back


Are you a powder subscriber or 2.0 subscriber? I mix protein powder with my 2.0 so I would love one


2.0 and Cacao , Will be mixing in some cinnamon this 4 day weekend (F-M off)

Also should mention the spout on the shaker is small enough to easily pour back into the 2.0 bottles. So Bonus!


Someone should tell them Soylent was never on Kickstarter. :laughing:


Found a post online
Rob Rhinehart and his team have settled on Crowdhoster as the platform of choice for their crowdfunding campaign for Soylent


:astonished: That’s awesome! I hope they do sell them. I am not an original backer but would totally buy.


I got one of these as well and think it’s pretty awesome. I have a bigger blender bottle just like it that I take on trips in order to use with the powder, but this smaller one will fit in my carry-on even easier now.

Does anyone know how the calorie lines work? Does that mean fill with powder up to that line for that many calories, then add as much water as you want to mix?


[quote=“Beege, post:8, topic:27987, full:true”]
Does that mean fill with powder up to that line for that many calories, then add as much water as you want to mix?
that is correct :smiley:


I sent these out to all active powder subs who also were kickstarter backers. Expect more of these targeted at specific users. We will not be selling any merch online. Our stance is that we are a food company and our website should only be focused on that. While this may change in the future, there is no internal push for it to change.

Soylent Apparel

expect a black market soylent merch community then, starting with me, buying soylent shaker bottle from anyone who doesnt want it, lol


I didn’t know about Soylent during its kickstarter days, but I need a Soylent shaker bottle! Please.


Unnngh… all…active…powder…subssss…Canihasinanada? Between having first subscribed in early 2015 then having the bars pulled last fall this is brutal.
Will we see 2.0 return first quarter 2018 Conor?



Actually, “Huh?” to the rest of it too.


they stopped selling in canada


Oh, I guess s/he didn’t want to have 4 posts in a row in the Canada thread…


It’s too small. I add a quarter of a bag with 16 ounces of water. This bottle is barely big enjoy for that, but it’s a novelty and it fits well enough with my other dozen blender bottle.


I use the bigger Blender Bottles. I have three Soylent meals a day instead of the five they are pushing now. I still have to have one. :slight_smile:


We debated the bigger ones, but felt this would fit the best, in the future we will also do programs with larger blender bottles perhaps targeted at users with higher powder consumption habits.


I now have a consumption habit. :scream:
… and I’m OK with it.


Just a little out of sorts after relying on Soylent powder over two years. It’s a literal change in lifestyle with a large downside to it considering Soylent was the healthiest option here.

Seeing “active subs” after having one running for so long drives a guy nutty. Sorry for the outburst injected here.