The Free Soylent Shaker Bottle


Does this qualify as higher consumption habit :smile:


@Conor this has been bothering me
The shaker has a line for 200 and 400 calories
Powder bag says to use 2 rounded scoops. which is far above the 400 calorie line
Which is correct?

Also I have a original metal scoop. just one scoop of powder exceeds the 400 cal line


I just use a food scale and measure the grams. It makes the whole process much easier. For 1.8, just remember that it’s 100 calories for every 22 grams.


heh thats not easy, I do soylent at work, no where to store a scale.


That’s where I consume my Soylent too. I just make it the night before (or morning before) and bring it to work. If for some reason you can’t bring it pre-mixed, you could always bring it as just a powder (in a bottle) and add water at some point in the day.


My point is , the Shaker bottle has markings, but they do not match the volume of the scoop.
No need to switch what im doing. buy a scale , etc


Neither is exact. The shaker is close to 400 but depending on how packed the powder is you can potentially get up to 700 kcal under the 400 kcal line. If precision is your goal the best option is a small kitchen scale.


So if 2 scoops, not packed are way over the 400 kcal, then do you think im still getting 400 or or ?


I can’t really be too sure, scoops are just a very very bad measurement system in general.


If I’m not mistaken, the directions on the package are for the new scoop, which is smaller than the old one. My powder bag of 1.9 says if you don’t have the official scoop, a rounded 1/3 cup scoop will do. I would think using a rounded measure would only compound the variability of the result, but as other people have mentioned at least you can still track your calories by the bag.


awww, I’m so jealous and want one :frowning:


Well i am a powder subscriber now hehe, just found out about this and would love a soylent bottle <3


Wow! I wish I had that much soylent ! looks amazing!