"The Future of Food Is Food"


Largely critical of Soylent without really saying a whole lot new:

For those unfamiliar with the author of the piece:


I dont think his arguments are really that worthwhile.

I dont really want to pick apart his argument, because this is a Soylent forum, and I am sure you all understand :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess what we as a community need to do is emphasize that this is just like a suppliment (at least in my opinion), it is here because we do not feel like taking time out of our mornings to make breakfast, and it is super cheap.

Also it is a much better alternative to most current diets of the americans.


Another article that keeps bringing up Soylent as fad of engineers and “self-absorbed Valleyites”. The authors seem to be hopelessly stuck on this stereotype.
The Valleyites with their utopian vision of our kids gulping white goo at school… like there is nothing in between.
Typical Soylent drinker is a deranged app coder on the way to alienate family and friends, and the articles keep mocking that lifestyle, along with being busy, overworked and/or too lazy to thrive on plentiful wholesome delicious cheap natural food.


It’s actually a big competitive advantage that Soylent is so poorly understood, since that helps protect Rosa Labs from imitators, and we customers keep buying.

“The future of food is food,” however, is a nice catch phrase. The remainder of the article is pretty meaningless.


I’m a stay at home mother on the East Coast so there goes that stereotype. Some people just really like it for what it is.


At least he didn’t call it a protein shake.

Hi, I’m some guy you may of heard of, but never associated with food. I’ve never tried this product and don’t know much about it, but let me tell you why I think it’s a bad idea…


I hadn’t realized it before, but apparently the author has invested in “organic” food startups in the past, which might show why he was disagreeable to Soylent.

The very idea of it has Case, who has invested in organic food startups like Revolution Foods and Sweetgreen through his Revolution Growth fund, pretty much irate.

From this blog article.


Why does he keep referring to Silicon Valley? I get that Soylent would have an appeal to the coder-type mindset, but isn’t Rosa Labs based out of L.A.?


The bulk of our users are also outside of Silicon Valley :smile:


Personally, I love it because as a college student, its super cheap and easy to make and do. Cheap and easy not-soylent food is most likely not wholly nutritious or just plain terrible for you.