The Future of Food 'vision' challenge - Win $1000

Hello You,

I know of this organisation called HeroX / Xprize which creates million dollar challenges to accelerate innovation and such, and they are having a ‘Future of food challenge’ where they are soliciting grand visions in the form of concept challenges of eradicating hunger, fighting obesity and anything which might revolutionize ‘food’.

You might have heard of Xprize from it’s famous Lunar Xprize and Star Trek Tricorder Xprize

The deadline for submissions is August 4th and judging by the activity feed, the challenge has not gained much traction so far.
I feel it is criminal to let such an initiative die down or be discouraged when there are hordes of knowledgeable, passionate like minded people that I have seen here in these forums;

How cool would it be to design a 1-30 million dollars challenge that maybe incentivizes RosaLabs to accelerate it’s programs

Hey @Conor I’m not sure if this post is appropriate here


I think you might be a bit late to incentivise Rosa Labs with just the one million dollars.


I think you might be focusing on the wrong detail, besides
Xprizes apparently are usually prized at 1-30 million dollars depending on
the impact.

You’re right, I’ve gone and focused on the detail you mentioned. WHY AM I SO BLIND

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My bad. Will edit the post.

I do think you’re right by the way — I am nitpicking a minor detail.

But overall, big picture — what’s the point of HeroX? (I ask as I’m entirely unfamiliar with them.) Have they done anything so far that’s had any results? Has anything similar had any results? I’m not super-inspired by this bit on the page you linked:

Do you think we could use technology to eradicate hunger? Tackle obesity? Make nutritious food ultra-affordable and ubiquitous? Turn anyone into a superfarmer? Enable the colonization of Mars? Minimize the ecological footprint of food? You don’t need to be an engineer, inventor or entrepreneur. Just tell us what the winning teams should do.

They want people with zero expertise to tell people with expertise what they should be focusing on?

Perfectly acceptable! :airplane_small: :slight_smile:


The deadline has been extended to 8th August.

Here are a few links aboot HeroX / Xprize

(It’s a little fluffy)

The Lunar Xprize Moonshot videos are really well produced
(JJ Abrams did them, i think)


By winning teams, they are referring not to the people who will eventually compete in these challenges but teams which will design the framework of the challenges, i.e the prize amount, the goals, timeframe etc

Those teams were selected by a previous competition and probably involve industry leaders and such, I know that there’s something called a Visioneer’s Sumit coming up.

Anyhoo, this is all a surface level understanding of what they are upto and I’m pretty sure there’s more to it and I’m not doing it justice.

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So it’s a competition to encourage people to design competitions to encourage people to design things that solve problems.

At the risk of sounding relentlessly cynical, sounds like a great way to end up with with a bunch of bald yaks.

:laughing: Well put. Never heard of the expression ‘bald yaks’ though; will look it up

I’m sure now that I’ve fallen short of properly surmising their intents.

But you are probably right, the competition doesn’t seem to have picked up.

Nonetheless, It got my mind racing.
The first thing, i thought of was to design a challenge to get a soylent like product in as many countries as possible asap

Just on bald yaks, I was referencing “yak shaving”: