The future of Soylent knock-off products


Kroger, in the PNW, that’s QFC, Fred Meyer, and maybe others. They have store brands of a lot of things, including a knock of of slim fast which they also sold in bars which I bought a lot of in the early days of my enthusiasm for Soylent.

They already have experience in production and distribution at scale, and they could easily make a Soylent knock-off that’s quite a bit cheaper.

Why haven’t they? I suspect they are waiting for the concept to prove itself more than it already has in some way.

It looks to me like the Soylent concept is already having substantial influence throughout the food industry with more and more nutrition bars and drinks appearing on shelves, but I don’t have hard data to back that up.

Has anyone else seen this kind of change in the market and looked for real evidence of it?


I think the competition will be in price and the percentages on the nutritional label; I don’t think people will look far beyond that.


This is looking a bit Soylent-like. I saw it in Safeway last night. But the calories per bottle are too low.


Because no one at Kroger has thought of it yet.


Yeah, I don’t think the big guys end up buying Soylent out. They just swoop in with their own (and superior in some ways, not in others) options. None of this is proprietary.


I mean, Costco has its Kirkland Signature Complete Nutrition Shakes, 32-pack, 8.2 oz. for $25.00. Yea, they are more like ensure than anything else. Soylents ingredient list and macros are much better than this product but the price is attractice.


Yeah. But if Soylent gets out of their own way to success the big guys will make actually nutritious options.


But the big guys aren’t interested in changing the world. They will just put out a stable, boring product and make money out of it. I hope Soylent continues its voyage into a better future for many people.


Soylent can push the boundaries (and have set backs as they have from using algae). The big guys will be a few revs back, but have better quality, consistency, price, reliability, availability, etc. And revenue and profit!


Does your crystal ball say when?


Soon™. …


You answered your own question.

The “big guys”, whenever they decide to put out a similar product, will already have a huge advantage in capital + economy of scale. They’re just biding their time, waiting for the right moment - rest assured, they’re doing research & keeping on top of things. Source: a close relative employed by one such “big guy”.


This stuff is actually pretty decent. It doesn’t taste as good as Soylent 2.0, but it’s more natural. The main problem is that it’s only 190 calories. If they could get a formula like this up to around 400 calories without adding any sugar (and balancing the vitamins/minerals) I’d be a semi regular user.


Rosa Foods, Inc better hurry the eff up on retail distribution then.


I think I finally got it. You don’t like Soylent! Do I win a prize or something?


We’ve had one big company take notice and release their own product in Europe: Myprotein

Fits in with what they do and with the scale they already operate at they’ve immediately become one of the cheapest options available.

We’re still waiting for RTD to really take off though here, I’m quite looking forward to seeing stuff in stores.


As someone on a low calorie diet this looks like a dream actually. Any downsides besides lower calorie? I see it’s got half the protein per bottle, but with more calories available for dinner I can probably make that up without issue. Much less fat as well, which is probably helping to lower the calories, though I don’t know much about the upsides or downsides of a low fat diet.

It’s actually much cheaper as well. It wouldn’t even cost more for me to have three of these a day and a large meal or a meal and a snack, rather than two soylent drinks a day and a meal. Most days I do okay on 2 Soylents and a meal, but sometimes it just doesn’t seem like enough food even though I’ve hit my calorie limit. And that’s no fun deciding between going hungry or going over my allotted intake.


Negatives to some could be that there’s no fiber, and also ‘brown rice syrup’ is the first ingredient, so it’s hard to tell what the glycemic index/load is.


So I’m through my first 6 pack of the Boost. Something I didn’t realize when taking into account cost and calories is the size. These are tiny little 8 oz bottles. So realistically they aren’t much cheaper or lower calorie than Soylent, but their nutrients still compete pretty well. This certainly won’t be a Soylent replacement for me but I wouldn’t mind keeping them on hand for the times when I just need a small meal and can’t fit and extra 400 calories from Soylent in my day. I ordered the chocolate, which doesn’t really taste like Soylent’s cacao but it’s still pretty good. I’ll order vanilla next as I think the size of these is just right for the smoothies I like to make. I usually use about 2/3 of a Soylent bottle and the rest ends up getting thrown out after sitting in the fridge for a couple of days (what a waste). So I’m excited about that.