The 'Good Poop' diet


‘Good Poop’ Diet Is the Next Big Thing

Interesting article on microbiome and health.

Watson recommends a high fiber diet, since fiber isn’t just good for bulking up stool, it’s also the primary source of food for many “good” gut bacteria. The diet is also low carbohydrate, which prevents the feeding of the kinds of bacteria that have been implicated in weight gain and food cravings.

“My diet was designed to prevent carbohydrate cravings,” Watson told The Daily Beast. This means supplying proteins and fats because our bodies tend to need to eat less frequently when we consume them. But consider that when we eat, the bacteria are actually fed first. By starving out the carb-loving bacteria, over time the bacteria that thrive on low carb food would flourish, and we would no longer be controlled by inexplicable cupcake cravings.


The monash university(creators of the fodmap diet) has been working on this kind of diet for a while now, you can find it here:

The DASH diet aims for similar gains:

That is the high fiber part, Watsons diet also goes into pro-biotics which is pretty much completely debunked. Unfortunately i cannot find the latest debunk article i read a few days ago, if i find it i will post it here.
The claims made on the cover of the book are big red flag to me.