The how I'm adjusting to life on OFFICIAL Soylent thread

Please list:

  • How long you’ve been on it

  • How many meals you’ve substituted per day

  • Will you continue on your current schedule or will you modify it and why

  • What you mix it with…Water, flavoring etc

  • In general, how satisfied are you with your choice to use Soylent as your meal replacement of choice long term, moving forward

Today is day 5. I’m probably getting 80% of my calories from Soylent, maybe more. I’d like to continue with my schedule, but I have to ensure that the (admittedly very low) gluten content isn’t causing my allergies to flare up first.

I just mix with water mostly according to the recommendations. I’ll mix with hot water first, give it a quick shake (which works for me, I’ve seen others say their pitchers explode), put it in the fridge for at least a few hours before adding oil and consuming. I’ve not tried any flavorings because I VERY MUCH enjoy the taste. In fact, taste so far would be the highest-rated aspect of Soylent to me, perhaps even above convenience.

Again, assuming the allergy issues I’m having aren’t related to Soylent or Soylent produces a truly gluten-free product soon, I intend to keep about 70%+ of my diet as Soylent.

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I’m on day 4. I’m consuming the entire days worth of soylent plus eating a small meal for dinner (Grilled chicken breast with a small salad, for example).

While I found that Soylent doesn’t seem to have much taste at all, I find the smell of it to be too sweet for me. This was giving me some concerns but I found that if I drink it out of a Blender Bottle I didn’t notice the smell and that made drinking it easier.

Since yesterday I started adding Hershey’s Special Dark Cocoa powder to it (about 5 Tbsp. per pitcher) and the bitter taste of the dark chocolate covers up the sweetness that I didn’t like. I find with the cocoa powder I could drink any amount of it without getting tired of it. In fact I’ve had to tell myself to slow down and not drink too much too fast now.

When I mix it I just dump the powder into the pitcher and add the cocoa powder. I add about 1 liter of R.O. water from a pitcher in the fridge. Then I close and shake up the picture until it seems to be mostly mixed. After that I use an immersion blender to really mix it all together. Once that is mixed I add the oil and top off with more cold water from the fridge to get to the 2 liter level. I then use the immersion blender again and mix everything up.

I’ve found I could drink some of it right then and it tastes fine, but I usually make this at night so that I’ll have it for the next day.

I was a little unsure it I would be able to keep doing it until I added the cocoa. Now I don’t think I’ll have a problem at all.

Just a side note: Before starting Soylent I was drinking a protein shake for breakfast and another when I got home from work. My lunch was usually a turkey sandwich with some chips. Dinner was similar to what I’m eating now except that before Soylent I would usually include a side of baked potato or rice.

I’ve been on official Soylent for almost a week.

I have substituted 1-2 meals/day.

I plan on going 100% Soylent (or very close) for about a month for two reasons:1. To see if my health improves 2. to lose weight.

So far, I’ve only mixed it with water. Within this next week, I’ll try flavoring it.

I’m pretty happy with Soylent as a meal replacement. I’m able to start having a breakfast in the morning instead of going hungry (yay!), save money by not buying lunch in the cafeteria every day, and have a healthy staple meal if I don’t feel like cooking.


On Soylent since April 30, sooo… almost 50 days I think? Definitely plan to continue indefinitely. On any given day we’re a minimum of 50% Soylent, up to 100%. Average over a week is probably 75%ish, over a month I’d say 80% to 90% at most. Breakfast is ALWAYS Soylent, lunch is almost always Soylent but once in a while we go out. Dinner is usually Soylent but we’ve been going out more recently as we have a guest staying with us and we’re enjoying the social aspect of it.

My first batch I tried before I let it get cold, and thought the “solution” to it not tasting so good was to add stuff. That really didn’t go well, I tried PB2 (powdered PB), vanilla, stevia, and raw cocoa powder. Adding milk made it drinkable but far from great. Next batch fortunately I let it get really cold before drinking and found that it was very tasty. Ever since, it’s unflavored basic Soylent almost all the way. The exceptions for me have been Soylent smoothies which are absolutely outstanding. I add about 3oz of orange juice, 1 big honkin spoonful of pineapple sherbet, ice, and 10oz of mixed Soylent. Blend it up and drink it down… unbelievably good and refreshing as all get out.

Made Soylent with cold coffee this morning… I don’t drink coffee but made it for my other half to try. She reported that it was SUPER strong but delicious. Oh and I have baked Soylent brownies and they’re just plain delicious and super filling, and we got to try @leecauble1’s PB & choc chip cookies which were also amazing.

I’m way happier with the choice than even I ever expected. We both are just thrilled to have Soylent. It has literally given us more life, since we now have more time that we don’t have to spend dealing with food when we’d rather be doing anything else. Not to mention how much better we feel because of it, etc. etc. etc. I had high hopes that Soylent would work out for us, but I never expected what’s come of it.

Soylent forever!

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Today is day 14 for me.

I do All Soylent, All The Time

Considering going 133% Soylent, since my appetite and energy both seem to be increasing and my Fiance only eats 2/3

I add water, a teaspoon of salt, and (as of yesterday) half a teaspoon of psyllium husk.

I’m very satisfied with Soylent, and like @timmyf I actually greatly enjoy the taste of normal Soylent (when salt is present). I expect to grow ever more satisfied as my body adjusts and I tweak it to my needs.

I’m on day 6.
The firs two days I only had a taste to sample, since I had other meal plans
the third day I was purely soylent, but only ended up with 500 calories of it since I wasn’t very hungry
the fourth day I had ~ 1000 calories soylent then went out to eat
the fifth day I didn’t have any because I had plans
the sixth day I am going to be all soylent

my general schedule will be to replace all non-social meals with soylent, which is about 1 per day.

currently I just mix it with water, but I plan on experimenting with it.

In general, i am satisfied with it. learning how to properly mix it for maximum smoothness helps alot. When it is properly smooth it tastes and feels like I expected, and is mildly pleasant. I haven’t had mustard gas issues so far, which I’ll attribute to a combination of slow sipping and mixing it with my existing diet.
It hasn’t been a problem so far, but the need to make it ahead of time could be an annoyance. It makes it something I want to anticipate using, rather than something I use when I feel like it.

I’ve been on official Soylent for 11 days now.

On average, I am substituting close to 100% of my daily meals with Soylent. My small exceptions are a handful of pretzels every now and then when I get a salt craving, and I am allowing myself one night a week to cook myself dinner so my cooking skills don’t flee me. I am not, however, able to finish the full pitcher - I end up feeling too bloated if I try. I sip it constantly throughout the day, not really having any “meals”. I would say that I am getting close to 3/4 of the pitcher daily, depending on what my body tells me. For this reason I ordered two pitchers so that I wouldn’t waste any by having to mix a new batch - so I’m going through my supply slightly slower than what I could be.

I am satisfied with my current schedule, I might sub a few less dinners over time, but right now I’m feeling good.

I have not tried any flavoring as of yet. Originally I felt as if I was going to really need it, but the longer I am on the stuff, the less I feel like the texture or flavor is an issue. I had a rough first few days thinking there was no way I would get through it, but it gets better with time.

I think I’ll likely start a subscription of Soylent. The only major issue that I had out of the gate was the gassiness that people are talking about all over the forum, but for me it dissipated within the first week, much to my relief. As I said above, it’s only getting easier and easier to drink my soylent each day.

Today is lucky day 13 for me being on Soylent. I seem to have taken a different approach from others. I started having food cravings, so I told myself that I’d treat myself to a lunch of my choice on my non-workout days and I’ve been doing that for the last week-and-a-half. I typically work out on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and do 100% Soylent on those days. On my non-workout days, I’ll have Soylent for breakfast, whatever I want for lunch, then typically Soylent for dinner (last night was an exception since it was my monthly supper club night).

Drinking just Soylent on my workout days allows me to work out at lunchtime, which I had found is my optimal time for working out, and now I can do so without trying to squeeze a workout and lunch in within an hour.

As for flavoring, I haven’t experimented too much, I’ve only tried fresh strawberries, frozen cherries and vanilla extract so far. Fresh strawberries has been the best tasting option so far. The cherries didn’t seem to do much more than change the color. Vanilla extract gave it a different flavoring, not necessarily good or bad, just different.

Still having an issue with gassiness on the days that I’m 100% Soylent, it’s not that bad on the days when I eat a lunch of my choice.

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