The "I got my Soylent!" thread

This morning, we have our first thread posted by someone who received their Soylent:

More and more people are going to be getting their Soylent every day, and I believe it would benefit the community for people to see what is showing up at customer’s doors and when. So, did you get Soylent? Post it here!

Here’s the format:

  1. How many weeks.
  2. Vegan or not.
  3. When you ordered.
  4. Approximately where you are in the country.
  5. Pic, especially if it’s a new order size no one has seen. Banana for scale. If you have thrown out your bananas in anticipation of Soylent, use your starter kit.

Feel free to post starter kit shipments with the same info!

And two requests:
A. Keep it on topic. The rest of the board is great for discussions. If you want to have a conversation about your shipment, start another thread.
B. Don’t turn this into a vegan bashing thread. The vegan orders will be showing up first, and I’m sure it will be annoying, especially to those who backed big and backed early.

  1. Ordered for 8 weeks
  2. Ordered vegan
  3. Ordered it on 8/7/13
  4. San Francisco Bay Area

Looking forward to having my first meal of the day!
Thanks, Soylent team, for making it happen!

update: Yum! I could drink that every day.


You lucky son of a…


1.) 8 weeks
2.) Vegan (No icky fish oil…)
3.) Ordered May 28th
4.) Right by SFO
5.) Have a pic with a pop can for scale, instead of a banana:

Also, I’m on day two now! I noticed that I was looking forward to getting home and having some last night. I imagine my enthusiasm will wane after a few days. We’ll see!


Woo! Is it keeping you satiated?

You really should use a banana for scale :confused:

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What is the issues with bananas? They are no where near uniform in size. Coke cans are.


(it’s an internet joke)

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Clearly a poor one as I am on the internet and do not get it…

But thank you for the clarification.

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You really should use a banana for scale on how much you don’t get it…


I made an account just to clue you in! (been lurking before now)
And then I noticed someone already linked to the meme.
Thanks @patrickjpf for beating me to it, jeez :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m really surprised more people aren’t posting about receiving their Soylent. If I was one of the first people I would totally be making posts about it, and probably a youtube video or two. :slight_smile: Maybe the vegan’s are less geeky overall about this stuff.

I was two banana’s short of getting it.

Okay, I’ll bite. I’m going to pick mine up from the parcel receiving service right now… :slight_smile: Shipped on the 25th, and arrived in Point Roberts, WA a few hours ago!

One month supply
May 24


I have received starter kit (1 pitcher and scoop) in MN today.

@k2heikkila What was your order size and was your order vegan?

I gotta say I’m discouraged by the low number of reported shipments and the lack of non-vegan orders. BUT, they did say they’d be ramping up over time. I’m hoping that occurs quickly.

Its still early enough that everything they shipped the first day probably hasn’t arrived yet.

To be fair, there are maybe 100 regular posters on the high side and probably over 5000 Soylent orders, anyone on these forums is a vocal minority.