The Incredibly Shrinking Expiration Date

The expiration dates on my recent Soylent 1.5 shipments have been getting closer and closer to the present day.

2 months ago, the expiration was 7/2016.
1 month ago, the expiration was 5/2016.
And now my most recent shipment also has an expiration date of 5/2016 which is only four months away.

I don’t really believe the expiration dates, so it’s not that big a deal, I suppose. But I was just curious about what’s going on and whether other people are having a similar experience.

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2.0, but I noticed something similar: my last three shipments have been Nov, Dec, and Nov expiration dates. I thought that was strange.

Maybe they stockpiled a ton of 1.5, then the release of 2.0 drove down the demand for 1.5 (I know I haven’t been buying it anymore). That would also explain why the next powder version is “late.” Why would Rob mention it was coming by the end of the year, publicly, if he wasn’t sure? Maybe they want to move through all their 1.5 before they release 1.6 (or whatever they call it).

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I posted about this recently. I found my 1.5 was manufactured 6 months before I received it. (not great for a product with a one year shelf life)
Originally they had a two year exp. date on the product but at some point they changed it to one year.

I think in the build up to 2.0 they stockpiled a lot of 1.5.

By the way, what is the shelf life for 2.0?
Is it also one year?

Perhaps they need to start putting at least an 18 mo. expiration date (if they don’t want to do the full 2 years they used to do) to prevent the date from approaching too quickly while it is being warehoused. I would guess it is probably fine up to (and exceeding) 2 years.

Yep, the shelf life for 2.0 is also one year (officially anyway).

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I know there are valid reasons for making the expiration dates what they are, but I still find it interesting that a product can have an expiration date that is longer than the product’s life span to this point. One year ago, neither 1.5 nor 2.0 existed, so neither has actually ever lasted for a year before expiring. For that matter, I’m not sure that any version of Soylent has ever expired. I’ve already consumed all of my pre-1.5, so I can’t do my own experiment. And after I finish my current, dwindling stock of 1.5, I’m going to wait until 1.6 is out, I think, so I’ll never know from first hand experience about the powders, anyway.

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I vaguely recall that some Soylent 1.0 oil had gone rancid (no surprise there), but I haven’t read anything about the powder going bad (yet).

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I hope that we know enough about how things deteriorate over time that we don’t have to wait till things expire before we know when that happens – otherwise, it would take a long time to confirm a 15-year expiration date, and such things exist.

I think that we consumers are owed a reasonably consistent expiration date, and perhaps Soylent that significantly varies from that time should be sold at a reduced price or disposed of.


That means 1.6 is coming.


I was going to start a thread about the expiration date of 2.0. It’supposed to have a 1 year shelf life but apparently it spends a lot of it’s life on a warehouse shelf instead of the shelves in my kitchen. I’ve gotten monthly shipments of 2.0 once per month since it first shipped…September 2015 I think. Every shipment had the same August 2016 expiration date, until this month’s delivery, which I received today, and my expiration date has finally been moved up, to November 2016. They must be really stockpiling the stuff.

Right. I don’t know if RL has used this method, but you can test products in higher temperature and humidity surroundings to simulate accelerated shelf life testing.

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I was curious about this also. Thanks to my S.O. quickly losing interest in Soylent after accumulating a large surplus of 1.4, I now have quite a bit to work my way through before I reinstate my orders for 1.5. I even have some 1.3 but I don’t really use it as making single servings is a pain in the a** due to the oil. I think I’ll be able to make my way through the 1.4 before 2017 (the current exp date).

I received an order of 1.5 today (1/16/206) with an expiration date on the box and bags of 04/16.

I have five leftover 1.3 bags (Exp date (12/2015) that I bought early last year with a Mfg date on the oil of 12/10/2014. Will the bags/oil still be good for consumption?

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Perhaps not, but you should be able to buy substitute oil cheaply.

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Not to be repetitive, do you think I’ll be fine with the powder and substituting newer oil?

I think you should taste it and if it tastes ok it probably is ok. The oil is more likely to be bad, I think.

If you have excess 1.3, I think @vanclute will happily take it off your hands.


There was a reason why I never really lik d the 1.3. I had 6 bags left so mixed a bag for today. Did not like it. It has a very sweet aftertaste that for made it unpalatAble.

Going back to my 1.5 tomorrow :+1:t2:

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Just got a new batch of 1.5 yesterday and it looks like it really is a NEW batch…

L6009 exp 1/17

So much for 1.6


I suspect that RL has a lot of great projects going now. Let me put it another way: RL is overcommitted. It has too many fantastic projects going to properly complete them in due time. I think, for example, there really should have been a successor to 1.5 by now, because there’s a pretty big difference between 1.5 and 2.0.

We know that RL’s “top priority” is selling to Europe.
We know that 2.0 had some pretty important problems recently.
We know that they’ve been working on creating a solid version of Soylent.
We know that 1.5 should be updated.
And maybe someone else could add some more projects; I’m sure they’re out there.

So, the long relative silence from RL is because they are too busy to do everything that should be done right now.