The Interesting Fun Soylent Pictures Thread


So this just arrived a weeks ago and I have now taken the first leap from 1.5 to 2.0 just to try it out! You can see my happy pills and what I have for dessert in the bottom left. What you are looking at is at least 75% of all I ever eat (^_^). I have another two boxes that I store at work for “emergencies.”

Do you have interesting pictures of your Soylent/Soylent storage with stories to boot? Either way, had to post this because I’m just too happy with it.


The Refrigerator of a Soylent 2.0 Bachelor

Food-free kitchen

Others have also posted pictures, @smeggot being one, if I remember correctly.



I’ve also got a locker full of Soylent 2.0 at work. No beer in there, though, dammit. ~shakes fist at boss~


I should turn this into something! I’ll give t-shirts to the best Soylent stockpiles! Bonus points for inventiveness.


I rarely drink more than four bottles a day, and I replace them as I go.

I want to travel back in time and rotate the bottles so all the logos face forward. :cry:


It is best to protect your stash with guard animals. You can never be too safe. Don’t get a guard animal large enough to actually break into and drink your glorious 2.0! I do reward cat guard with some Soylent after working hard. He usually appears to be asleep, but that is just a clever ruse to put you at ease.


Hotel room in Cleveland. I had RL send case directly to hotel. Being a Marriott Rewards member, they gave me a drink and candy bar. Apple from front desk.


My first Soylent delivery… My roommate texts me this picture while I was at work… Saying What did you bleeping’ order now? I responded saying my grocery shopping for the month is done.


That’s one gorgeous cat!


Thanks. That’s how cats took over Egypt and made the humans build pyramids for them. Most historians get this wrong.

Luckily cats are benevolent dictators as long as you feed them and clean out the cat box.


I am proud of myself. It confused the living hell out of my coworkers when they walked into the office to see it :joy:


Does everyone’s Soylent come out this way?


I would expect Brussels sprout flavored Soylent from a company that’s so good at listening to their customers!

Now those Soylent jalapeños…that’s an idea I could get behind.


Only when I leave it in the crock pot overnight with a pinch of cayenne and cinnamon.


I am glad we still have a sense of humor around here still… :blush:

The hostility in some of these threads has gotten out of control :frowning:


It usually seems to burn off pretty quickly, it’ll be cheerful again soon. Without the occasional drama the forum would die of boredom. :wink:

In the early days it could get pretty entertaining with each delay of the initial backer shipments. If it hadn’t been for those delays I may have never gotten so into DIYing, so I’m kinda glad for them.


Maybe Soylent diets increase aggression in humans.