The main problem with Soylent (updated)


UPDATE: I think the best way for me to get addicted to drinking Soylent for 1-3 meals a day is to use a recipe that tastes like a fruit smoothie. Please share your favourite fruity Soylent recipe if you have one.

Soylent is great, but the default flavour just doesn’t do it for many Soylent drinkers. So the end user is forced to flavour it for themselves, which is a tough nut to crack. Lots of recipe experiments end up tasting horrible. So while Soylent has taken care of a lot of the practical difficulties of food, it still requires the end user to do some tricky figuring out on their own. The ideal Soylent-esque product would be something that tasted great “out of the box” without any creative input from the user.

I fantasize about a nutrient paste. If you could make it taste like Nutella, mmm boy.


The main problem with that being that even the best tasting thing would get old after awhile. If you had to eat something that tasted like Nutella, while pleasurable for the first few times, would quickly get old.

No matter what the taste was (chocolate, strawberries, etc.), after eating it for, say, a week straight (or a month straight), whatever the flavor is would get old.

Which is why Soylent’s goal of having something as neutral flavored as possible is a good one. I know there is disagreement about whether 1.4 meets this goal, but at least that is the goal they are going for.


I can only eat a few big spoons of nutella before it gets sickening… And I love nutella!


Totally agree. But non-specific flavor (so that it doesnt get old to taste) but still being nice to be consumed (taste wise) on its own. Lets hope they are aiming for the same thing.


As has been discussed ad nauseum (often with me as chief nauseator), many people “have to” flavor coffee to get an acceptable taste, yet we rarely hear protests about that. I used to enjoy making my coffee to my own specifications, even for multiple cups a day – my yummy additions made the coffee mine.


The taste of chocolate never gets old.


take a look to europe:

Joylent, Jakeshape, Queal and others take a complete nutrient profile for standard and compete with format, flavor, special versions and price. Many of those companies don’t have an unflavored product at all!

When Soylent comes to Europe it will be expensive&unflavored&nutritionally perfect&standard vs. cheap&various flavors&customized. I’m curious, who will win.


I will let you know when my 1.4 arrives, since I have tried Queal and Joylent already.


For me, not being wealthy, the main problem is price. It may not be fair to expect it to compete with unhealthy alternatives but I’d like it to, none the less.


This is one of the reasons I like Soylent. It’s flavor is pretty bland and allows me the “option” to change it IF I want to. :smile:


I’ve been flavoring mine with cocoa powder since the second pitcher I made. I’ve been drinking it like that for almost a year now and I still haven’t gotten tired of it.

I agree that making it as neutral as possible is a good way to go about it. Look at the differences in opinion on the favor/texture of 1.4. No flavor would satisfy or be agreed upon by more than a small group of users, and making it in several flavors would probably increase the cost.


I didnt understand what you are trying to say?


I believe @geneven is comparing Soylent to coffee in how we don’t bat an eye at the idea of flavoring coffee, as majority of coffee drinkers do, but it’s an issue with flavoring Soylent.

I kinda agree with @geneven that Soylent is like a base much like coffee where you apply your own flavors to it. A majority of people dislike the bland, often chalky taste of straight, black coffee and choose to flavor it, but they still drink coffee not for the taste but for the benefits of the caffeine. Similarly Soylent could be looked at as many people not drinking it for its bland taste but still drink it for its nutrients.

I think it’s based on one’s perspective. Do you see Soylent as a full on food replacement? Then you want it to taste as good as possible. Do you see Soylent as a tool of sorts to get nutrients (like coffee with caffeine)? Then you don’t care how it tastes, but may choose to flavor as you wish (also just like coffee).


Given that it is a food replacement/food, there is no harm in making it taste good out of the box. Also among other things, it will help soylent sell itself even more.


Also: what tastes good? That is highly subjective – Nutella was mentioned above, for example, and I cannot stand the stuff personally (which is odd since I like chocolate, I like hazelnuts, but together … UGH). By having Soylent be as bland and neutral as possible gives people the greatest flexibility in flavoring it to their specific preference.


You make it sound like “rocket science”. Sure people can make complicated flavor recipes, but that doesn’t mean those are needed. I dream of making some savory concoctions, that would be a lot more difficult with a Nutella base … which is insanely simple to make by the way (Hershey’s Special Dark powder + Hazelnut extract).


Yes, it is really tricky, especially if you have a difficult time with tasks like adding milk and maybe raisins to breakfast cereal. :slight_smile:


They’ll eventually have different flavours and nutrient profiles available. We are still in “pioneer days” with this product, essentially.


6 months ago I would have agreed completely… But now I don’t crave chocolate at all. For decades chocolate was a central component of my post dinner evening snack. I never thought I’d hear myself say this, but now if I’m hungry before bed I just crave a small cup of Soylent.

I should also note that for 4 months prior to Soylent I was on chocolate Schmoylent for about 50% of my calories and as fine as that was, I could only handle about 18-24 hours straight before I’d crave a different food. On Soylent 1.4 so far I’ve pushed that beyond 60 hours straight without getting tired of the taste.


Good as in drinkable (taste wise) without having to add something.