The name seems too familiar


Do a search for the 1973 film “Soylent Green”.
While I’m all for cultivating dead bodies and using them to benefit the living, I can’t help but ponder why the “Soylent” creators chose such an obvious product name.
Even researching the film shows “Soylent Green” originally began its manufacturing process in the same manner.
The similarities beg the question… “Are we bringing life to this story, or was it a prophetic foretelling of coming events?”



Rob Rhinehart named it Soylent more in reference to the novel Make room! Make room! that Soylent Green was based on. It’s a name that catches attention and invites people to look into it more, which considering the rapidly growing community and the million dollars of preorders already I’d say it’s working.
If you’re suggesting that Soylent does or will ever contain actual people I think you should probably have a bit more of a look at what Soylent actually is. Start with Rob’s Blog like I did, it’s a great intro to what Soylent is all about.


This has been discussed to death.


Agreed but he seems new and I like being friendly :smiley:


If you’re suggesting that Soylent does or will ever contain actual people I think you should probably have a bit more of a look at what Soylent actually is

First comes the food dye,… Red, Blue, Orange… then the GREEN. … If you are full of vitamins and nutrition… then I will be too. You are what you eat.

The way things are going… maybe in 500 years.


Thanks for the info. And yes, I am totally new to this Soylent concept.
I first heard of it a few months ago but didn’t give much attention to it. Then, Saturday night, my best friend showed me the movie Soylent Green… And the name rang a bell.
I haven’t had much time to educate myself on the Soylent information, so I do have a few questions (if anyone could be so kind as to answer them.)
If I were to make it at home-- How difficult is the manufacturing process?
And how does it truly taste? After seeing the end result in the homepages video, I can’t help but presume it comparing to my 6 month old sons soy-based baby formula… which is rather repulsing and I feel like feeding it to him is some sort of child abuse and fear him hating me for it later in life.
And last question-- is Soylent safe for babies?



I think you’re a bit confused about soylent. Right now, what soylent seems to mean to people is a shift from a more qualitative (man, tacos sound good today) to a more quantative (I need .9g of vitiman A today) outlook at what they eat. These numbers are commonly based on governmental reccomendations though I would wager that many people do some tailoring in addition to that.

There is no secret ingredient you mix in to make something soylent, its more about being aware and (mostly) in control of everything you are putting into your body.

Currently there is no official formula (though it will likey be published sometime in the near future) for you to consume or follow directly. Right now the only way for you to get ahold of some soylent would be to order all the ingreidents you felt you needed your self (they recently made a popular communitity tool official that helps facilitate this) and mix it all together.

As for if it would be safe for infants? The official formula likely not, as it is mixed with an adult body in mind. Something you make certianly could. You have to remember, soylent is still food. Everything in it (for better or for worse) is all up to you.


The goal of DIY Soylent is to make a drink (usually a drink but foodstuffs could be possible too) that fulfills all the daily nutritional requirements for you . Unlike existing meal drinks, which are only supplements that you can have in addition to your normal diet, Soylent is a meal replacement, if done right you should be able to live exclusively on Soylent and because you’re getting all your vitamins and minerals you should be healthier for it too.

Taste varies, most people add something to their recipes to add more flavour, chocolate or cinnamon seem to be the most common but really you can add anything. From what I hear the Official Soylent (the kind being made by Rob Rhinehart, the inventor) is apparently quite nice although the men in the trial group seem to like the taste more than women. The Official Soylent isn’t for open sale yet but you can preorder some on this page if you live in the US, deliveries are scheduled for December.

I probably wouldn’t recommend Soylent for infants, DIY or Official, simply because almost all nutritional information is geared towards adults and it would increase the risk factor involved. The risk for adults is pretty small because if you’re getting too much or too little of something, you’ll feel it but kids can’t always tell you whats wrong.
If you decide to try DIY Soylent for yourself though there’s a lot of useful imformation you’ll pick up about what’s good for you and what isn’t and you can carry that over to food for the kids.

Sorry for the wall of text :stuck_out_tongue: