The need for custom nutrition profile - the case of Pyroluria


Whilst the idea of Soylent make sense, one cannot ignore the simple fact that every one of us is biochemically unique and thus we have different nutrition needs. There are averages on which Soylent can be based, but there are cases where averages are far from enough. Let’s take the case of people with the Pyroluria condition, who have signficant higher needs for zinc and b6.

For people with this condition, Soylent has to be further supplemented with additional Zinc and B6. Thus people still need to take their time and understand their nutrition needs and not just buy soylent and that’s it.


In my opinion, Soylent shouldn’t be tailored to help every single genetic or physical shortcomming of the human diggestive system. There are so many things that can be wrong with it, that for Soylent to address them all, many of the micronutrients could need to be in unhealthy amounts for otherwise healthy people… That is my guess at least… That being said, some nutrients wouldn’t hurt to have slightly higher if that was shown to be better for us all.


While the company is free to do what it likes, I think if it hopes to stay in “the game” in the far future, they will have to start designing individual-based recipes that work with genetic abnormalities and predispositions.

I’m not saying it’s just around the corner, but I think it isn’t too far off either


I agree that it would be a good move at some point in the future :slight_smile: but at best it would be a few years into the future I imagine before it would be feasable for them to do.


Honestly I think they should have “DLC” to cover things like that. So everyone can buy the base formula, bodybuilders could buy the Protein Pack to mix in, pregnant women could get prenatal packets and Pyrolurian’s could get zinc packs.

Then you just pour in the regular soylent, drop in the DLC and you’re good to go!


That would be ideal though it steps away from Rhinehart’s pipe dream of a type of Soylent faucet line alongside a water line. Essentially the idea of bringing cheap, effective nutrition to everyone. If you account for too many variables there’s no way to generalize the product for everyone. With cases such as Pyroluria that pipe dream looks more pipe-like (dream-like?).


Sorry to be a dissenting voice. While I can see the sense of possibly doing this in broad categories (male/female or by age/activity level); I do not see it for individualization, not without tremendous improvements in the manufacturing process. I for one am not interested in paying extra so there can be individually customized versions! As for myself, I am quite comfortable taking the occasional supplement to make up my own nutritional needs as I think we all should be.

so yeah, it sounds good but I don’t really think of it as practical folks. No harm in asking/talking about it but… yeah. $$


There are two aspects to customization. Let’s say that Soylent produces a mixture that is suitable for most folks (whatever that is).

If there is stuff there that shouldn’t be for the condition you have, then I guess you can be stuck. (I’m thinking about things like trace amounts of gluten, potential allergens, etc.).

But my hope is that eventually there will be a market (whether through Rosa Labs or third party) of additives in packages. Then we can see additional vitamin packs for various things: nootropics, skin and hair, lower calorie diets, age, body building, etc. Also I can see packs for flavourings that work with whatever the neutral flavour profile ends up being.

P.S. I happen to not mind adding things or taking extra supplements. But supplements worry me because of potential over dosing.