The new-ish seals are a pain, and the glue tastes bad

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A few months ago, Soylent started having seals on the top (beyond just the cap with the wrapping). I’m not sure if those are required or necessary to keep things fresh. But…there are two problems with them:

  1. They’re a pain. One of the greatest things about Soylent is being able to pop one open in the morning for breakfast. Quick and easy. This makes it less quick and easy.
  2. The glue that lingers on the lip of the container tastes pretty bad. It doesn’t quite ruin it, but it’s close. If we have to have the seals, could we try a different adhesive?
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I also dislike the plastic wrapping, in a perfect world they would have a tamper proof ring similar to soda bottle that you break with unscrewing and that’s it …


IDK, I’ve tasted much worse glue. Contact cement tastes like diesel, for example, while hide glue tastes pretty good.


I don’t usually get glue left behind when I remove the seal. I can’t say that I’ve noticed any taste from it the few times it’s been there, and I’m usually pretty sensitive to unpleasant flavors.

I prefer the seal to the shrink-wrap, it seems more secure to me. I just wish they’d either ditch the shrink wrap, or cut it way back. Does it really need to cover the whole bottle?


Seems to me that it doesn’t need to cover the whole bottle now that they have the inner seal. But, they probably need something to make sure the cap can’t vibrate loose during shipping.

Yeah, I normally get my Soylent in good condition, but my most recent order was apparently smashed by FedEx. If the bottles weren’t so durable and tightly capped (original 2.0 was much easier to twist open) I’m sure 4-5 of them would have burst open.

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Yep - I often get shipments with a lot of dented bottles/boxes etc. But everything comes out fine. So that’s a plus. IDK how much of the packaging is needed to prevent that though. I think the foil seal was just about mold issues? I doubt the full-bottle-wrap is a structural thing - I think it’s just for something to print the label on.

In my ideal world, there’s no wrap or seal at all; only a twist-snap cap like on water bottles. That’s it, done.

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I thought it was part of the aseptic seal, but that was pre-foil-seal so maybe it will be redesigned out.

There’s gotta be a way to print that label directly on the bottle … even if not, just place a little sticker or leave it off, it’s so small no one really notices it anyways …

The little “this unit not labeled for retail sale” bit they added is required by law, I think.