The official flavoring 1.6 thread

What are you adding?

I am annoyed. With 1.5, I did trial and error flavoring additions and eventually came up with a bunch that worked for me. Here are a few:

cocoa powder + sugar + orange oil or mint oil + vanilla

And Indian-style masala - cardomom, ginger, fennel, cinnamon

maple syrup

BUT now 1.6 has arrived, with a different flavor, and now I have to go thru my flavor experiments again to find what works best.

I will give a fuller review of 1.6 later on. My initial reaction was not positive, but I am starting to get more used to it.

This seems to be the overwhelming response to every new Soylent release. People all report they liked the previous iteration more. One week later, they claim they could never go back.

If I was King of the Wolrd, I wouldn’t let anyone post a review until after seven days of using the newest version.


I flavor mine with filtered water.


For those who used flavors in 2.0, do the same ones work for 1.6? This is an impatient question; I am one of those people, and I expect to get my 1.6 shipment in a day or two, so I’ll be able to answer my own question. Nevertheless, I am curious how it is for others.

Regular or Diet water?


I’ve been adding 1 packet of Sweet & Low per ~ 8 oz (post-mixed) 1.6 and it tastes A LOT better. Stevia is also pretty good, but I prefer the Sweet & Low.

Diet water? No. But I do use diet ice and in my morning serving.

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I still say 1.4 was the worst and 1.3 was the best. Cocoa however did dramatically improve 1.4. It turned it essentially into chocolate milk.

I was scared when I got 1.6. I read people saying it was like 1.4 and was too thick. While I did have the initial “This has a strange aftertaste…” I didn’t think of this version as too thick. It’s actually very smooth and not textured at all. It could be that I am using a blender ball in the takeya pitcher.

I am actually happy with this version and the aftertaste disappeared in a matter of hours. The brain is funny like this. Your brain seeks out high caloric foods. That’s why sometimes we continue eating something that we are saying is disgusting but continue eating it anyway (you know those funny moments).

I guess that can explain the initial dissatisfaction and then the adapation. Even if it may not be a pleasure. It eventually becomes neutralized after a while even if you did’nt like it at first.

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Nutmeg works.

I’m guessing all spice might as well.

I think Ive found my flavor.

500ish calories of Soylent 1.6
1 scoop of whey isolate
A little less than 1 Tbsp of PB2
2 cups of water with crushed ice

It was like drinking roasted peanuts. This was my first experience with PB2.

This 3 times a day and aas much water as I can drink.

I want to throw it in a good vegetarian vitamin every other day or half every day if I can find one you can cut.

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Hershey’s Natural Unsweetened cocoa powder - 1 Tbsp per 12-16 oz. (10 Cals.)

PBFit Peanut Butter Powder - 2 Tbsp per 12-16oz. (50 Cals.)

Banana - 1 100gram Banana blended/mashed per 12-16oz. (100 Calories)

Cinnamon - add 1/2 tsp to cocoa powder. (3 Calories)

Combine Banana and Peanut butter powder. (150 Calories)

Cocoa powder tends to overpower banana and peanut butter.

To my 400 calorie lunch serving I’ve been adding 1/2 cup Dark Chocolate Almond Milk which adds 50 calories. However, tomorrow I’d like to add some Raspberry Sugar-Free Torani. Has anyone who has tried Torani offer some measurement advice?

This morning, I added a half cup of frozen blueberries and five frozen strawberries. It was terrific.


Blueberries. Blend in some frozen blueberries to cure the weird (and for me, horrible) flavor of 1.6. I do a bit of OJ with it, mostly, with 1.6, for thinning the texture.

Milksplash, especially vanilla or caramel. It has zero calories and works with both 1.6 and 2.0. (For 2.0, I like strawberry and oreo flavor as well.) I feel like a second grader adding it to my Soylent, and that’s fine with me.

Second graders would add both at the same time… do you? :wink:

What a great idea. I will now.

I just revmcieved ny first shipment of 1.6 and I absolutely LOVE 1.6 compared to 1.5! With 1.5 my mix was always pre make the whole bag then when ready to consume I used my ninja to blend together 1/2 serving soylent, a heaping tablespoon (not using a measuring spoon) of honey roasted peanut butter, 5 tbsp carnation breakfast essentials chocolate powder, fill the rest of my cup with ice (5-7 cubes depending) and top with a splash of real honey and then blend…quite a mix to make and it was the only way I found it palatable. But 1.6, yum! This time around I’ve been making single half serving sizes, but now i find it so tasty I could easily drink it without additives. My favorite blend so far is 1/2 serving 1.6, again a heaping regular tablespoon of honey roasted peanut butter (usually crunchy), and a splash of honey…fill with 4/5 ice cubes and blend…so good! I’m out of carnation powder but when I pick up some more I’ll probably add that too just because I like it so much(; I currently use the soylent powder as a daily calorie booster to my regular diet as I’m quite underweight at only 5’2" tall so I’m hoping it helps me keep some weight on but either way, all I can say is I hope 1.6 doesn’t go away for a long time!


1.6 will be around for a while. Next up is flavored and bulk 1.6. 1.7 won’t come until there are more algae advances.