The "Order Status" thread


Continuing the discussion from The “I got my Soylent!” thread:

Splitting off a thread to dedicate to vaguely tracking shipment progress.

For those interested, just go with what seems like a standard layout:
Order Size (oil/no oil)
Order date
Kit/‘shipping email’ recieved? When?
Soylent/‘shipping email’ recieved? When?
Any extras worth mention

Once this thread starts populating, I’ll keep the below generally updated:
EDIT: I’m going to go ahead and track only non-beta reports, because confusion.

Current status: “Furthest” reported events in shipping queue
Smallest -Oil kit emailed:       _wk on May _
Smallest -Oil kit rec’d:          _wk on May _

Smallest -Oil Soylent emailed:   _wk on May _
Smallest -Oil Soylent rec’d:     4wk on Apr30

Smallest +Oil kit emailed:       4wk on Apr25
Smallest +Oil kit rec’d:          4wk on Apr23

Smallest +Oil Soylent emailed:   8wk on May 29
Smallest +Oil Soylent rec’d:     12wk on May 17 (this link broke somehow, and no longer seems to point to the right post…)

This exists now and is generally better:

Thanks to @gannas and @delusion for the heads-up, and @nickp for… well, creating it.


Location: Texas
Order Size: 3 months (oil)
Order Date: 06/09/13 (original campaign)
Starter Kit: Sent 04/21/14, Received 04/28/14.
Soylent: No email/not received
Extras: 3 additional airtight pitchers, no email/not received.

Not sure if it is worth noting but the original email was sent by FedEx on the 21st, Soylent themselves actually emailed me about the starter kit being sent at a later date, unfortunately it seems I’ve accidentally deleted the email but I think it was two or three days after the FedEx email.


Location: Bay Area, CA
Order Size: 1 month, oil
Order date: 5/20/13 - original campaign
Kit/‘shipping email’ recieved? Kit received 4/23, email received 4/25
Soylent/‘shipping email’ recieved? none
Any extras worth mention: n/a


Location: Wisconsin
Order Size (oil/no oil): 2 months No Oil (1 crowdfunded, 1 add on)
Order date: 5/22/13 (figured we are getting close to needing the year)
Kit/‘shipping email’ recieved? When? No email/No Kit
Soylent/‘shipping email’ received? When? No Email/No Kit
Any extras worth mention: None


I’ll repost here…

Location: Baltimore, MD Area
Order Size: 2 Months (8 weeks) of regular Soylent
Order Date: 12/30/2013
Starter Kit: No email/Not received
Soylent: No email/Not received
Extras: None

The "I got my Soylent!" thread

Location: Atlanta, GA Area
Order Size: 4 months (Regular w/oil)
Order Date: 6/17 - 1 Month Original Backer + 3 Months in BackerKit
Starter Kit: No Email/Not Received
Soylent: No Email/Not Received
Extras: 3 Pitchers No Email/Not Received


Location: Chicago, IL
Order Size: 2 Months (Regular w/oil)
Order date: 5/2013 (first mo) Spring 2014 (second mo)
Kit/‘shipping email’ recieved? When? No email
Soylent/‘shipping email’ recieved? When? No Soylent/No email


Location Chicago IL
Order Size 1 week with oil
Order date 10/9/13
Kit/‘shipping email’ recieved? Nope!
Soylent/‘shipping email’ recieved? Nope!


Location: Gilbert, Arizona
Order Size: 2 months (oil, 1 crowdfunded, 1 addon)
Order Date: 05/21/13 (original campaign)
Starter Kit: No email/not received
Soylent: No email/not received
Extras: 2 additional airtight pitchers, no email/not received.


Location: Albuquerque’ish, NM
Order Size: 10 weeks with oil (4 original, 6 added)
Order date: 10/9/13
Kit/‘shipping email’ recieved? Nada
Soylent/‘shipping email’ recieved? Nada
Any extras worth mention: Not yet.


Location: Michigan
Order Size: 1 Month Regular
Order Date: 05-21-2013
Kit: No email, no kit.
Soylent: No email, no soylent.
Extras: None.


Location: Central Texas
Order Size: 9 weeks with oil (4+3+2)
Order Date: 08/13, 02/14, 03/14
Kit/email: No
Soylent/email: No
Any extras worth mentioning: No

I think it will be interesting if this thread gets enough participants because it may help to answer one question I’ve had but haven’t bothered asking as I’m sure I won’t get an answer from the Soylent team: how are the orders actually grouped?

I know we’ve heard first by size, then by date, and the one size chart we saw grouped everything over 1 month together, but I’m curious as to whether this is actually how they’re running things. In other words, would an original backer with a 5 week order be in front of someone who ordered 6 months worth on April 1st? This thread could potentially answer that question.


Location: Silicon Valley, CA
Order Size: 5 weeks (1+4)
Order Dates: Sept/2013+Apr/2014
Kit email: No
Soylent email: No

I ordered an add-on one month supply once I realized that it would help get me Soylent quicker, and it would also alleviate the reorder issue. I was originally going to just try it for a day or two before placing a reorder, but now that I have 5 weeks, I can actually wait for about 3 weeks prior to reordering. I don’t anticipate using it for every meal, but my wife is going to give it a try too, so it could theoretically only last 2.5 weeks. I’m not sure the team has taken into account that the reorders could fly in much quicker than they anticipated since orders are most likely used by multiple people.


Location: Sterling Heights, MI
Order Size: 1 Month
Order Dates: April 14th
Kit email: No
Soylent email: No


Location: Northern Va

Order Size (oil/no oil): OIL

Order date: Nov 21st-1 month, Jan 22nd: added 1 month, April 24th added 1 month. Total of 3 months.

Kit/‘shipping email’ recieved? When? Nothing received.

Soylent/‘shipping email’ recieved? When? Nothing received.

Any extras worth mention


Western Tennessee
3 mos (2 of those added later), all w oil
Original order date: 5/21/13
No emails
No kits
No soylent


Location Tampa, FL
Order Size (oil/no oil) 2 weeks, oil
Order date June 2013, from original Backerkit funding.
Kit/‘shipping email’ received? When? : Not yet.
Soylent/‘shipping email’ received? When?: Not yet.
Any extras worth mention: Not yet.


**Location **Saint Paul, MN
Order Size (oil/no oil) 4 weeks, oil [(A) 1wk +2wk add, (B) 1wk]
Order date (A) 5/21/13 (B) 5/30/13
Kit/‘shipping email’ recieved? When? No contact yet
Soylent/‘shipping email’ recieved? When? No contact yet
Any extras worth mention N/A


Order Size (oil/no oil): 2 months w/oil
Order date: May 21, 2013 4:15 CST
Kit/‘shipping email’ received? When? Email received April 26th, Kit received April 28th.
Soylent/‘shipping email’ received? When? Not yet.
Any extras worth mention: Extra Soylent Pitcher

Location: Dallas, TX


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