The "Order Status" thread


@Daiceman and all,

I just checked and I received an email receipt for payment on May 23rd, 2013 for the first month.

EDIT: (So I assume May 23rd but I wanted to be precise in case there was a delay between payment and the receipt email.)


I got my email receipt minutes minutes after making my pledge, so I think yours is probably accurate.


@Daiceman, whatever is going on with his order, blanketing the forum with his complaints has been a very strange way for him to handle the situation and I totally understand why the Soylent team isn’t addressing him directly on the forum.


As a reference point I ordered on the 9th of June, 3 months, and still nothing for me yet so I’m guessing we’re working through the May orders.


To confirm - just a notice for the kit, or for the whole Soylent order?

I don’t think we’ve actually confirmed yet whether kits are still going out separately/ahead


Hey @Daiceman, I live just north of LA. The email reply was roughly "your order wasn’t cancelled, we can’t tell you anything else, blah blah blah. I don’t know what the issue is, they confirmed I have 4 months ordered and told me that it would be the typical indefinite period of time. I have no idea what that means, and I’m sick of the lack of communication like everyone else.

@Zenman I turned to the forum, because nothing else was working, and I had finally had enough by the end of last week that I was raging, so I vented it here. It obviously did no good except to let me vent my frustration without laying it out on the many people waiting to hear from me how good it is to decide if they want to buy it or not (or that I promised a day to so they could try it for themselves). So actually, I did the RL people a favor by not dissuading future customers, because I believe in the product even if I have zero faith left in the team.


I can confirm that this is not an issue. I’ve only emailed them once and it was with a hotmail account and they promptly responded.


I received the whole Soylent order, including, I assume, the kit. This is my first communication or item shipped. The tracking details for the packages include a number of heavy packages and one lighter one, so I assume that is my Soylent and then the starter kit being shipped at the same time.


As far as I can tell they are consolidating orders and then shipping from first order’s date.

If someone bought a 1 month supply back when 1 month was the max (May, 2013 ?), and then added 2 more months in, for example, December 2013, I think they will get their order before someone who ordered 3 months in June of 2013.



I just went to my FedEx tracking portal and there is a package in there from California, so I got super excited. Then I opened the detail and it’s just a damn Loot Crate.

Then Down


I’m going to take this as a good thing… it means that lack of a kit indeed does not necessarily mean waiting several weeks.


As I went to hit the “refresh” button on the FedEx tracking page (still no packages… sigh) I saw this come up:

Wildfires are causing potential delays and disruptions in southern California.

@JulioMiles, do you know this to be the case? Or is Soylent shipping from Colorado?


My shipment tracking info says it’s coming from Lathrop before moving through Sacramento. Not sure that would be far enough south to be effected? Anyone have any better info?


First I’ve heard of it. Soylent ships from outside Modesto, in central California.

From where does the starter kit ship?

@JulioMiles, checking in as the originator of this thread – would you say that tracking “order status” is separate enough from discussing “shipping/fulfilment” to keep reports in this thread, or would it fall under

meaning new emails/arrivals/etc should be updated by interested users in that thread?


Clarification for other posters – the original point of this thread was just to track people’s reports of what they’ve heard/recieved. Discussion about trends was a reasonable thing, but either way now, a lot of that side discussion meta-analyzing what/why/how patterns exist definitely would move over to the other thread. Tomorrow’s blog update and/or the diy tracker could also make this thread entirely irrelevant/obsolete.


I placed my order on 12/11/2013 for a 1 month supply. Still nothing.

I didn’t get tracking/shipment information. How can I find out where my stuff is? This is really disappointing.


its gonna be awhile they just started shipping 3 month orders


Do we have any eta? I don’t even mind the wait but soylent seems to have like 5 different websites that I’m dealing with. I’m getting emails from them from, @crowdhoster, mailgun, etc. Confusing.


You can learn more about shipping/fulfillment in the official thread.

I think the DIY tracking tool and the official thread provide sufficient space for discussion and information gathering (which seems to be confirmed by the lack of posts here over the past few days) so I’m going to close this thread.