The Poop Thread

I’d like to start a thread where people can talk about experiences with poop while on Soylent.

I am on 100% Soylent, I have been for 4 days now. I have not eaten or drank anything other than Soylent and do not plan to for the next 26 days. Anyways I saw that there is not a place created where people can discuss poop and since I have a few questions I thought I’d create it.

For me poop is kind of unpredictable and it always seems to look exactly like soylent does when going in. Is this normal? Should I be worried that my poop is beige?


Poop often reflects the color of what you eat. Beige Soylent =beige poop


Not drank anything other than Soylent? Even water?

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Sorry I wasn’t more clear, I’ve been drinking plenty of water aside from Soylent.

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I’ve noticed the beige coloring as well. Also, very solid, but I think that might be due to slight dehydration.

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I’m the exact opposite when it comes to consistency. It’s not very solid at all.

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My poop is the same color. When I first started, it was very close to liquid, if not quite. After supplementing with psyllium husk, it turnd to a smooth solid, and stayed that way when i stopped the psyllium husk, with only few recent exceptions.

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When I started Soylent, my fecal matter was at a 6-7 on the Bristol Stool Scale.
After I’d been on it for about a week, my consistency changed to a 3-4 on the scale.
Here’s a thread talking about some people’s experience.
Also, here’s the Bristol Stool Scale:


Since the Bristol scale was invoked, I typically had 5/6 before Soylent. It got more 6 like my first week, then settled into a consistent 4. Right now it’s a soft 4, but I think it’s just temporary

I ramped up slowly to at most 1 meal per day. I found I had to supplement with fiber (5-10g of fiber (psyllium husk) per “meal”) to keep things passable. (before adding fiber, the consistency was akin to that of peanut butter and wasn’t going anywhere)

Beforehand my diet was pretty high in fiber and not especially high or low in protein.

Anyone have tips on how to curb collateral residue on toilet bowls? It’s like glue when it drops.

I often lower the cover before I flush. Here’s the aftermath for a second flush a while later after a #1:

At work, I’ve had to use empty TP rolls and improvised papertowel sticks to loosen larger pieces before.

As for the Bristol Scale, before Soylent I’d get unpredictable 1-5. It tends towards 3-5 on average now with a 50% consumption rate.

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I really have no desire to click on your picture, lol, but try adding some psyllium husk to your diet. I learned about it here on the forum, good stuff.


@livingparadox That’s interesting, for me it’s been just about the opposite. I was a pretty consistent 4 before, now it’s tending more toward 5/6. That said, I’ve been eating a lot of other stuff I don’t normally eat (people bringing treats into the office for the hoildays, etc) in addition to the Soylent, so it’s kind of hard to tell what the culprit is.

Mine is also definitely bordering on beige. It was alarming at first, but I feel better knowing other people have been experiencing the same.

Is anyone else pooping more frequently than before? I haven’t taken any data down, so I might be imagining this, but I feel like I’m going a lot more often – several times a day, in fact. Enough that I’m, uh, getting sore, especially with the rough TP my workplace provides. :flushed:


So I’ve been about 60% Soylent for the last couple weeks, and I’m now ramping up to almost 100%. I’ve noticed that my poops are almost always a 5-7, and interestingly, they always seem to happen within 30 mins of consuming soylent. For me, this is actually kinda nice, because I am trying to lose some weight, and pooping a lot feels like progress, lol. I’m consuming a LOT LOT LOT of water (1+ gal/day) in addition to soylent, but that’s actually normal for me. I have always drank a lot of water. So I suppose the extra liquid in my poop could just be because there is less solid matter than normal to absorb the large amount of water I normally consume? The weird thing to me is that soylent seems to stimulate my system into immediate action. Anyone else experience this?

This sounds like one of the ingredients is acting like a laxative for you. Probably not a good thing. Magnesium oxide maybe?

Yeah, on days where soylent is >= 75% of my diet, mine’s pretty consistently a 6 and floating and it comes pretty urgently with little warning. God forbid I have a couple beers, then it’s like a firehose. And wiping has become like wiping a marker. Even when I think I’m clean, I’ll itch and go back… yep, still poop. Not sure if that’s seepage or just need to use fifteen wipes instead of fourteen. Having a bowl of oatmeal gets it closer to a 4 and ends the wiping ordeal, which leads me to think it’s the lack of fiber causing it.

Adding psyllium husk will probably help, but I’m honestly not willing to make the investment when Soylent’s just going to change up the formula again in a few weeks, potentially leaving me with a bunch of fiber supplement I can’t use. I’d rather just put up with the liqui-shits until I see if they’re going to increase fiber in 1.6.

It’s not too big of an investment; the Walgreens house brand equivalent of bulk-powder Metamucil costs $14 for a 23-ounce tub, which will last you a long time (both in the number of servings and in how long it can sit on your shelf). I’ve been adding fiber to my Soylent if just to get the glycemic index down, but it also certainly is keeping the poop consistent and clean.