"The possible obsolescence of chewing"

Article from CleanLeap.com:
The possible obsolescence of chewing


Good find, yet again! I think the argument that it isn’t yet in reach for the developing world such as Kenya is fair, but we’re assuming these people will be eating 2,000 kcal a day. The reality is that, on a dollar a day, they’ll take what they can get. If the price can come down to 2 dollars a day, which I’m sure isn’t impossible and might already be there if bulk ordering was an option, then people will have about 1,000 kcals a day. That’s still in the realm of malnourished, but a few hundred more calories of any sort would push them into a caloric deficit rather than starvation mode.

This actually harkens back to the Dutch hunger winter, a very depressing case study about mass starvation in which fetuses were born extremely malnourished due to their mothers being starved during pre-natal stages of development and were forever after extremely stringent about using and saving calories. This is obviously a horrible way to find out about such a thing, but it’s evidence that already severely malnourished people are predisposed to get by on far less than the traditional diet. Not to mention people here in the USA still manage to make a package last more than a day.

*(Also, maybe Kenya could start using some of their oil riches to take care of their own ***ing people. Just sayin’)

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Edit: When you explained this to me I was so surprised that I spilt my water…

…in my eyes…