The price of bootleg Soylent 1.0 has dropped 50% in the last month


I was one of the original Soylent backers but haven’t yet received my shipment (I only ordered 2 weeks – who commits to 3 months w/o trying it first?!). So, I started purchasing Soylent on eBay in late May. My first purchase was $305 (including shipping) for one week of Soylent 1.0 (with oil). I’ve purchased three more one-week supplies (with oil) since then, including my purchase today which was $150 (including shipping). I do look forward to being able to purchase Soylent directly from the manufacturer for the list price ($65?) someday.


Man you are invested into Soylent ^^ I mean 1200$ for a month, if you calculate from your first delivery…


Yep. That’s $14.52/meal on the first batch, although it’s down to $7.14/meal with this latest batch. I’d certainly prefer to pay the $4.05/meal from Rosa Labs (or less with a subscription).


I pay about 7.00 per day right now with my DIY, but its got higher protein and less carbs and about 2500 calories.


I pay about $3 bucks per day with 4 meals because I make my own DIY. But that’s without flavoring :smile:


Definitely a great visual of how much Soylent has been shipped out since late May. It will continue to go down as more Soylent is shipped out.


WOW I didn’t know it was going for that much… I have 2 months in unopened boxes I would of sold at those prices :smiley:


Most the people who but it don’t live in US.