The problems with transitioning from DIY to official Soylent


Anyone else feeling like they’ll be torn between DIY soylent and the real stuff when it (finally) comes out soon?

Well, I do. Hence this thread.

I’m also writing all this to reflect on the past several months of living on soylent and put all my thoughts out there so that I can better prepare for a lifestyle shift with the real Soylent in it.

I’ve been on the DIY soylent for about 4 months now. I’m mostly satisfied with my DIY soylent lifestyle but could be better. Some reasons for how it could be better are down to things like taste, nutritionally suited to me and the time it takes to prep. I know I’m capable of making all of this process and better because it’s literally all in my hands but to me it’s not worth the extra trouble that I’ve already put in to make it perfect. However, what I do like is the low cost I’ve managed to achieve. I’ve found bulk sources of Oat Flower and Rice Protein that have gotten my daily costs down to just a couple, few dollars per day for like 2500 calories of soylent (haven’t calculated the exact daily cost, but its amazingly low)

I’ve got a bulk supply of oat flower sitting in my room

I’ve got a bulk supply of rice protein flower coming to me this week from here. Not sure how effective or safe this source is.

QUESTION: should I cancel my bulk order of protein so that I can more quickly transition to the real Soylent? Otherwise I’ll have a huge amount (25 lbs) of protein just sitting in my house which would take forever to finish if I split my consumption between food, DIY, and Soylent.

Now that I know that Soylent will be available (I assume for the long term?) to purchase, I’m tempted to solely rely on the real Soylent over the DIY stuff I’ve been making. I’ve been experiencing nausea that I believe is related to my DIY stuff. There’s just so much to consider…

Some days I just get so sick of my DIY soylent that I just want to give up on it completely. Some days I am thankful for it getting me through the day without making me run to the nearest Qdoba and shelling out 8 dollars for a single meal. Other day’s I’m just like when is the real Soylent going to get to my front door so my roommates will stop accusing me of hosting the Breaking Bad:Kitchen Edition spinoff in our house. Admittedly, my kitchen does kind of look like a meth laboratory with all the powders and scales everywhere.

What I’ll probably end up doing is just doing a mix of DIY soylent and the real Soylent for a while. That is, of course, I’m just blown away by the real Soylent and decide to sell off my remaining DIY ingredients just so I can justify purchasing month long supply’s of Soylent.


First off, congratulations on 4 months of DIY Soylent! That’s awesome. I’m sitting here getting ready to make my Soylent for the week, and I’m quite ready for the Official Soylent to hit my doorstep.

Here’s what I’m planning: Official Soylent is a 28-day supply for a month. I’ll be making DIY Soylent for the extra two to three days at the end of each month. Over the course of a year, I’ll need enough DIY ingredients to last 30 days…in a leap year. :smile: But you get my drift. The extra I have will get used over time. Second, You’ll need to make up the difference between the 2000 calories in Soylent and the 2500 in your DIY. Your extra ingredients could come in handy there. And lastly, since I still don’t have a hard shipping date for Official Soylent, I want my DIY stash to be prepped and ready for at least a couple more months.

If you’re still unsure, you can cancel your protein order and get a smaller one. It may cost a little bit more per pound, but it also may be better than having a lot go to waste.


i am guessing they will do resupply on a 4 weekly cycle. i am not sure you’d be able to literally have them send it to you on the first of the month for example. but i don’t know for sure. just guessing they plan to do recurring transactions on that basis. you’d need to ask @JulioMiles about that one.


I was assuming they would ship whenever I placed an order. I didn’t think about auto shipping.


We just started on diy soylent flax-coconut-whey (keto/paleoish) and are asking ourselves the same question.

First guess was to make a blend – 50% DIY + 50% official.

Better still: Official Soylent can just be an ingredient for an individually solved DIY blend with a custom nutrient profile. (Match the days per unit to an available soylent delivery frequency.)