The protein landscape


there’s at least one thread on fat, and the comparisons of olive oil vs coconut oil vs etc. etc.

i was wondering about getting one started on protein.

i’m using whey protein isolate (now brand, i think there’s cheaper, bulk, etc. more on this in a second.)

now my first general question:

what are the different “types”? (fast/medium/slow/etc., whey/egg/soy/etc.)

a while back when i was not taking good notes on this, i remember watching a video by kris gethin the editor of he recommended something they sold (of course) because it had “fast, medium, and slow [either proteins or amino acids].” i can’t find my notes or the video on this.

the reason i ask: rob went to a half fast/half slow (malto/oat powder) mix on carbs (which i’d like to follow up in a similar thread to this). is there an advantage to going to a fast/medium/slow mix on proteins as well?

my second general question is

as i think about price/bulk, what about quality?

i found this a few months back:

which links to this google spreadsheet:

not all proteins, are, by any means, created equal. some are created by thieves.

i am looking to both cut and bulk (hopefully together, but not necessarily) for any who may advise.

thanks a bunch,


You can use a mix of whey, soy, and casein to give you a mix of fast/medium/slow if you want.


Thanks for posting this. was quite an interesting read to say the least :wink: - quality of brand is especially important to Soylenters who may be getting most of their protein from a single source.


@tai, can you give the breakdown?

whey = fast?
casein = slow?

are there more than casein, whey+soy?


Whey will be faster and casein will be slower. There are way more proteins out there. You can do BCAA supplements which are individual amino acids that don’t have to be broken down so they digest almost immediately. You could do egg protein, wheat protein, pea protein, goat milk protein, hemp protein, and so on.

If you’re really worried about it, lots of supplement companies make protein blends that are designed to just what you’re trying to do I think. Buying a blended protein might be a good option for you.


@tai, thanks.

i actually found something yesterday, on accident, that was incredibly helpful for all this. will upload soon.


Or just leave us hanging! :wink:


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What’s in the safe!?


haha. sorry guys. i just made a separate browser just for discourse—i usually get too many tabs open during research and this gets buried.

ok—here’s what i’ve found. like @tai said, there are a TON of proteins.

in the now brand, i get whey (i’m not sure what the difference is between whey and whey isolate). but now also does

  • pea
  • soy
  • egg white

just from the top of the list.

i got a catalog from my carb provider, and they have

  • casein (slow digesting)
  • hydrolyzed whey (easier to digest, amino taste more prevalent)
  • blended. blended is hydrolyzed (fast), whey (medium) and casein (slow) digesting. i’m actually going to try this next go around. i’m doing a comparison on eaa’s (essential amino acids) in my products. turns out the now brain i was using only had 8 of 9.

i’m not sure how or if the digesting corresponds/is connected to glycemic index values/glycemic load.

will be doing a companion write-up on the carbs i’ve found.