The Psychology of Eating & the role Food plays in our lives


I’ve been working with Soylent for a few weeks now, trying various recipes, using it for all meals some days, for some meals other days…

When I initially started using Soylent, I found the experience lacking - I felt cheated to some extent because it wasn’t ‘real’ food. I missed the experience of eating (the textures, the crunch, etc.)

I find I’m now evolving to a different relationship with food. I now distinguish food as sustenance vs food as pleasure. It’s given me a much healthier outlook. I find I’m much less compelled to eat because it is Noon, etc. and much more inclined to ‘eat’ (sip, really) when I’m hungry and not before. My soylent is filling, tastes good, and I can now use it for full days without feeling cheated.

I still eat ‘regular’ food on the weekend (including Friday night) - but it is doing a great job handling my ‘mundane’ meals through the week. I am (now) treating it in the spirit in which I believe Rob intended - not as a food replacement, but rather as a generic food that can be consumed when you aren’t that excited about eating something specific / special.

How are other people seeing their relationship with food changing?


That’s pretty much what he said… not that he wanted to never eat real food again, but that he didn’t want to have to fool around with all the business of it when he was busy, and that he eats ‘real’ food when he feels like it.

Soylent isn’t a diet you have to stick to, it’s just another food that’s considerably easier to make (once you’ve gotten the formula right).


I’m still waiting for the official Soylent to ship, but I’m actually having an interesting change in my perspective of food as well.

I’m not sure if it’s because I was expecting to be on Soylent by now*, an influence from Rob’s blog, or just due to an increasingly mundane diet, but I’m becoming increasingly aware of how simply… bored I am with eating. For most of my meals, it’s a chore. Because it’s (relatively) convenient and fast, I eat the same thing every day for breakfast and lunch at work, then come home and halfheartedly throw something halfway balanced together to sustain me for the night. To paraphrase some of Rob’s words, it’s inefficient, tedious, and while I make an effort to keep at least a little nutrition, honestly it is probably not the healthiest thing. I do eat out every once in a while, and will surely keep doing so once December comes around, but I’m looking forward eagerly to a relief from all of this other food.

*Note: No ill will intended. It’ll get here when it gets here, and I’m sure it will be worth the extra wait :wink:


That’s the same reason I’m interested in it, although from a different direction. I’m diabetic, and have to spend too much time watching everydamnthing I eat, to the point that food is not really enjoyable anymore. It’s just annoying, something I want to get done and over with. Ye Olde SciFi food pill would be perfect, but this looks to be the next best thing.

But since I’m too lazy / don’t have work space or room to put together my own DIY version, I went in for two weeks worth and am hoping that it works out well.