The Re-Up - What Happens When Your Supply Is Gone?


So now that the late February ship date looks likely, I have started thinking about what happens once my month supply has run out.

I am curious to know how other people on this forum have approached this

  • How much did you order initially?
  • Have you ordered any more, even before trying it out?
  • Are you worried about lead time needed for the second round of product shipments?


I went with a month. Rosa Labs has been pretty vocal about having made their initial production run for far more than has been ordered, so that re-orders can go smoothly - hoping that works out pretty much as intended.


I only ordered 1 week. I originally intended to up it to a month as soon as I could afford it, but around that time the Sucralose news broke. I really, really hate the Sucralose aftertaste, so I decided to hold off on ordering more before I could actually taste it and be sure I could stomach it.

I expect my week supply to last two weeks, between my being a teeny female with less caloric needs, and still snacking/drinking lattes/eating occasional meals.

If the taste is acceptable, I plan to reorder a month’s supply the day I receive my first order. I fully expect I’ll have to go back to regular food for a few weeks in between, though if it does get to me in time I’ll be delighted.


Ordered a month’s worth myself. I’m one of the DIYers here, and have been pretty comfortable with my formula lately. If I like the official version, I’ll just go through my stock or sell it off before moving to the official version, leaving little worry for lead time.

Looking forward to trying it out myself and hearing other peoples’ experiences.


I ordered one month supply. However, I have gotten quite used building and tweaking other DIY recipes (currently consuming Peoples’ Chow).
I intend to switch over to official Soylent when it arrives and use the DIY as a reserve in case of delays or perhaps to keep a variety in my diet.
The sucralose is a non-issue for me and I look forward to seeing Soylent v 1.1, 2.0, 5.0 and beyond.

I learned more than I ever expected about nutrition with this blog and diy recipes, its been a fun and exciting ride.


I initially ordered one month’s supply, but have since cancelled that order and switched to one week’s supply. The sucralose addition concerns me since it can cause migraines, and my purpose for ordering Soylent was to see if cutting out ingredients in processed foods, or even natural items such as citrus would reduce the frequency of my migraines.

I would like to use Soylent continously without a break, depending on how my migraines respond to it. But now, with the sucralose, I have to first establish whether or not it will actually give me more migraines. So, I am not concerned if my supply runs out before I receive another order, since that shouldn’t prevent me from noticing more migraines. I’m guessing that, if sucralose causes me migraines, I should be able to tell within 3ish days or so. If it doesn’t, I can be reasonably sure after I’m done with the 1 week supply and then move on to actually using Soylent constantly and adding in ingredients to look for migraine triggers.


Missed the initial Kickstarter drive by days, but immediately bought a week when I could. I upped to 2 weeks later, with the thinking that I’ll make the first “week” last 3 weeks (1 meal of soylent per day), and if nothing horrible happens, I’ll try it as total meal replacement for another week. The point at which I reorder will depend on a) how soon I decide I like it, and b) the expected shipping times.


I got in early on the IndieGoGo campaign and ordered a month’s supply. I’ll be sharing plenty with friends and family, but won’t be consuming it exclusively (1-2 meals a day to start) so I’m not really worried. I still have a ton of DIY ingredients too, though I gave up on that a while ago.

My intended use for Soylent is:

  1. Get the vitamins, fiber, etc. that I’m missing in my current diet and avoiding overdosing on things like sugar and salt.

  2. Have a quick, easy meal option instead of skipping meals or eating junk.

  3. With any luck, lose some weight. Maybe live long enough to use some of the retirement money I’m saving. :slight_smile:

  4. I’m also going to be moving to SoCal in a few months, which has a much higher cost of living than Arizona. If Soylent can save me some money on food^ that’ll be a huge help.

^Between groceries, restaurants, and fast food, I currently spend about $500-600/month, which is bad.


I initially ordered a weeks supply and after seeing Sucralose on the final ingredients list I am very glad that I did. I sadly won’t reorder until all artificial sweeteners are removed from the official formulation.