The real seasons Soylent was banned from Canada


@brm415 I think you misread my response. In Canada they recently changed the category from “food” to “meal replacement” which triggered the stricter requirements. That’s why they had to pull out of Canada because they couldn’t meet those stricter requirements. At least not yet anyways. I’m hopeful that they can get a product to market but I think they have quite a challenge on their hands. It has to be hard to meet those requirements and make a product that tastes half decent and the public wants. I don’t envy them at all.


There are video in which Rob states it is not intended to replace every meal. I understand your views on this but does anyone know when these Canadian restrictions were first implemented compared to the United States restrictions. I would be interested in seeing which one is in need of updating to todays medical standards.
By the way, just a side, but I’ve known way more people from East Indian decent than French and yet their language is not enforced to be put on every single thing in this country.
That’s kind of one thing that should be updated here.


Can we all agree that the company just needs to dumb down Soylent so it’s on par with all the BS fast food joints here. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::us::canada:


Our product development cycle is a year at the earliest.


That’s not too bad really all things considered.


October then for the new Canuck version? I wanna Maple & Poutine flavor to be considered next.Uhh this will be a rough summer then.


Okay but any longer than October 30 and a certain someones doorstep will be visited by a flaming bag of Soylent. :us::canada::poop::fire:


That seems like an unrealistic expectation to draw from “at the earliest.”

I have no insider information, but I’ll be genuinely shocked if any new formulation is released in Canada within 2018. Just look at how long it has taken to bring the strawberry flavor to market, for example, which existed in some kind of experimental or beta form back in April 2017 (when a few bottles were given out as part of a promotion) and still isn’t planned for release until a goal date of late summer 2018 (according to the latest AMA).


Conor mentioned that the gaming community in Canada is one of the drives.
Hopefully October will see an end to the waiting …it’s pure garbage that the government can force this situation when it’s already been three years of sales.


Why not use sucrose?