The Refrigerator of a Soylent 2.0 Bachelor


If the total number of rows are any indication, 2/3 of your diet consists of Soylent and 1/3 of your diet consists of beer.


Love it. Unfortunately I only have enough room to put 5 bottle of 2.0 in at a time. The wife and daughter use the rest of the refrigerator. It’s funny to see how confused people are with how happy I am with my Soylent diet. :smile:

Son, I am disappoint. There are no BBQ condiments. Therefore you are not a real man, and therefore not a bachelor.

In the refrigerator door. We haven’t reached the point in our relationship where I share those kind of details.


Can I have some of your stout?


That is what my fridge would look like when Soylent begins shipping/producing to/in Europe :stuck_out_tongue: It has been such a long wait already haha :neutral_face:

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Me too :slight_smile:


2.0 is still a little too pricey for me at the moment. Sticking with 1.5 till the price comes down. Can’t wait until my fridge looks like that but I will add water (cuz I’m a very thirsty person) and/or fruits.

Good taste in beer.

20 characters. 20 beers.

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Thats pretty mich what mine looks like too! Hahaha I have no “real” food in my fridge.