The Science and Politics of the GMO (online class)

Who was advocating forcing people to eat GMOs? I must have missed that.

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When did “vegetarians” become a religious group?

GMOs are not currently labeled. People (for the last 20 years) have had no idea whether an ingredient in their food is GMO or not GMO. This has and is currently forcing people to eat GMOs when they would prefer not to, for whatever reason. Honestly should a person have to justify to anyone why they would or wouldn’t want to eat a particular item?

I understand that POTUS Obama just signed a law requiring GMOs to be labeled, requiring food packages to display an electronic code, text label, or some sort of symbol signifying whether or not they contain GMOs. But, this won’t go into effect for two years.

Don’t be silly.


My point exactly! So quit harassing a group of people who’ve decided, for whatever reason, to NOT eat GMOs!

Exactly how are we doing that?


and yet, there is no governmental requirement that animal ingredients be labelled.
“natural ingredients” can be transparently animal in origin.
and kosher/halal certifications are completely voluntary.


I have decided to not eat sugar produced in Brazil. I demand that all sugar be labeled with its source of origin.

I have decided to not eat wheat that has not been blessed by a Pastafarian minister. I demand that all wheat be labeled with its blessing status.

I have decided to not eat mashed potatoes made from potatoes with length in any direction of more than 4 inches. I demand that all mashed potatoes be labeled with the dimensions of their source potatoes.

I have decided to not eat pork from pigs who were not given mountain-sourced mineral-rich water to drink. I demand that all pork be labeled with the type of water the pig was given.

I shouldn’t have to justify why I made these decisions. But these labelings are important to me and I don’t want to be forced against my will to eat unblessed pasta.

And, um, I haven’t read this thread in much detail and don’t want to harass or discourage discussion. I just don’t think that particular labeling argument holds water.


I originally only posted a counter-narrative on a GMO class and I’m feeling quite harassed.

READ the entire thread;

I’ve been told I’m being anti-science, deceptive, that I’m pretending and even deluding myself and I EAT SOYLENT, I have from the very beginning!

When I see a food labeled that it does not contain GMOs, I have no problem understanding it. If i never want to consume GMOs, I will only consume products that say that they do not contain GMOs.

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Since when are you a group?

You are the one that picked a fight on this thread with your “counter narrative”. You are the one keeping this “harassment” going by insisting on defending this narrative in more and more ludicrous ways.


While more and more items are being made and labeled 100% organic or NO GMOs, they still represent a small fraction of the overall food supply. Even items labeled “organic” can have as much as 30% GMOs. So, it must say 100% organic to contain no GMOs. Then there are GMO ingredients, about 75% of processed food contain GMO ingredient(s).

I didn’t pick any fight and I’m glad to see you recognize this as “harassment.” This is a forum and forums by design are meant for open and civil discussion. And I don’t believe that any of my comments are “ludicrous.” I am, we are all, entitled to make comments and address comments as long as they comply with the “guidelines” of this forum. I, nor anyone, should be made fearful or afraid or even think twice about posting a comment on this forum because we may or will face an onslaught of derogatory or derisive comments.

The overall tone of the comments here, that I mentioned above, are very derisive to me especially and by extension to people who for whatever reason have decided to not consume GMOs.


Seeing as this thread and forum in general is pro-GMO posting an anti-GMO message is picking a fight. Especially when you start your message with an accusation of propaganda.

The fact I used quotes was meant to show I don’t see it that way. I still think you are the one keeping it going by defending an unwinable viewpoint.

Trying to equate a vegetarian’s right to eat plants with someone’s religious beliefs as a way to win this argument is pretty ludicrous.


“My point exactly! So quit harassing a group of people who’ve decided, for whatever reason, to NOT eat GMOs!”

If this is your outlook on the topic and you are not willing to engage in open discussion I will be locking down this thread. Remember you opened yourself up to this debate with this post.


I’m the original poster. I don’t think the thread should be locked down because of one poster. How about just blocking that one poster so others can talk about this class if they want to?


Apologies. For some reason I thought they were the topic originator. I enjoy the discussion. I don’t want to see people just devolve it into name calling.

My 12 year old nephew six years ago when I told him our country’s population (Indonesia) was ~ 250 million people: “How do you feed that many people living in tiny islands?”

My answer: “You don’t. They are malnourished. You are basically born an elite - having access to all this wonderful food you are eating.”

And so he finished his plate.

You need to be scientific about solving the problem of food supply when our global population is exponentially increasing. Sure, scientific advances may open up to new problems we may not be able to predict with absolute certainty. However, we make progress by solving previous problems.

Got a problem with that?

Sidenote: You can buy great organic produce in Indonesia (well most of them are more organic compared to the ones here in the US). However, WFP stats tell a proving story.

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Funny one of my friends grandparents tried that same crap on me when I was about 15, so I picked up my half empty plate and dumped it all in the trash. The looks on their faces!

Individual experience may vary. I just don’t appreciate being guilt tripped into action.