The Sleep Thread!

Has your sleep increased or decreased while using Soylent?

My sleep has always been terrible. I have sleep apnea and can’t tolerate the cpap…

It hasn’t gotten any better or worse while on Soylent.

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My quality of sleep improved noticeably within a few days of starting Soylent and my sleep pattern changed dramatically (I would wake in the middle of the night briefly and then in the morning would wake earlier and with more energy than usual) but returned to something like normal within a week or two of the change.

I’ve been raising a puppy for the past month or two so my sleep is generally terrible these days :slight_smile:

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I have always slept well and Soylent hasn’t changed that.

I don’t wake up groggy and I seem to be able to function on less sleep.

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Someone in my family has sleep apnea and they told her she was having over 100 “fits” a night. I was like “… well that can’t be good.”

I’m sorry man! I’ve heard they can give people a dental fixture that keeps your jaw aligned but that may be just as intolerable. It’s not a fun thing, that stuff, and nobody realizes how bad it can effect your life because “it’s just sleep”, but really you’re skipping the most important part of your life.


Is that your dogs name?

(I keed)

Glad you’re adjusting well though! I was just wondering if it might reduce the need for “repair” time if there’s less “repair” to be done, but honestly I’ve read next to nothing on the science of sleep.

My sleep habits initially went kinda crazy (for me anyway). I was heading to bed like by 9pm and getting up around 4am. I was basically on my other half’s schedule - which is totally nuts as I’ve always been a complete night owl. Plus when I’d wake up, I would just be instantly fully awake. No groggy time, no stumbling around the house for a while getting my bearings, just up. That part hasn’t changed btw.

Now, my habits have mostly settled back into their old routines. I stay up until anywhere between midnight and 2am, but I still get up early (for me anyway) and am generally up by 8am. Sometimes earlier. Though the recent daylight saving time change has totally screwed me like it always does. I still don’t quite know which end is up.

Quality of sleep… hard to really quantify. I’d tend to say it’s better, I certainly remember more dreams and supposedly that’s a sign of more REM sleep as I understand it. And my dreams are way, way, WAY more vivid. Full sound, color, smell, everything. Like if I had nightmares, it could be bad. Very bad. LOL


Like if I had nightmares, it could be bad. Very bad.

“A raccoon broke in and literally stole all my Soylent. WTF”

jolts awake



His name is Gizmo. Best dog I ever had. He’s quiet, low energy, minds well and he’s quiet. (Yes I meant to say that twice)

Edit: damn dyslexia :smile:


Ah, he’s quite low energy?

I have a hunch that was supposed to be quiet. Not quite.

Dyslexics of the world, untie!


I guffawed and startled my coworkers.

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Yes. I got him from an animal shelter when he was 5 months old. My mom used to joke that when he got out of this hyperactive puppy phase we will have to check his pulse to see if he is still alive. He has his moments where he gets super active and runs around crazy but that only lasts a few minutes at most then he goes and crashes.

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For those who don’t know the reference, it’s a Gary Larson (The Far Side) cartoon. One that has stuck with me forever. :wink:

And weirdly, one that I cannot seem to find online anywhere, despite countless other Far Side cartoons being readily posted. Strange.


Isn’t that the fella that makes all the For Dummies comic sketches?

I don’t believe so, but I don’t know what he did after The Far Side.

The Far Side comics and the Dummies comics do look to be in the same style and “hand writing”. The comics in the Dummies books my indeed by recycled Far Side comics.

Ohhhhh yes, I do believe they did use Far Side comics. I thought it was being suggested that Larson did some original illustrations which I didn’t think was the case, but now it makes sense. I believe that they may indeed have been used.