The Straw Thread

I’ve found that large-diameter smoothie straws are a great help when I drink my 1.5.

They allow me to mix whatever flavorings I add without dirtying silverware, and they keep everything cooler because I don’t have to touch the Soylent glass as much when I drink it, as it can just sit on the table next to whatever I’m working on at the moment.

Anyways, I’m creating this topic so we can all discuss using straws with our Soylent!

The only thing I ask is that when talking about which straws to use, please specify for which formula (1.5 or 2.0) since they have radically different textures and thicknesses which are suited to varied straw widths.

Thanks for reading, and have at it!

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I don’t feel the need for a straw.


I like to take it in big gulps and feel it filling my mouth.

This thread is about straws, and to discuss the use of straws in consuming Soylent.

Straw recommendations are also welcome and encouraged.

If you do not have anything to add that does not pertain to straws, please refrain from adding to this thread, thank you!


These are perfect length and diameter for a blender bottle and Soylent consistency.

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Thanks for the recommendation! i have disposable straws right now, and it does feel wasteful to throw one away after each use, but I also drink a lot of seltzer so I try to drink the seltzer with the straw first and then use it with my 1.5 at the end of the day. These look like a perfect alternative! Thanks again.

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I interpret the above as allowing comments about not using straws.


Alright, that’s fair. However my objective with this thread was to be a thread about using straws, i.e. which straws people like to use (et. cetera) so it did throw me when the first comment was about not using straws. My apologies.

I used these silicone drinking straws with 1.5 if I added other ingredients (if I went to the trouble of blending, I’d always blend in ice too). Since switching to 2.0 I’ve not used them at all.

Prior to buying these bubble straws, I used (normal diameter) disposable drinking straws. Silicone is durable and comfortable to use with iced drinks. I’ve never used a stainless steel straw, but I imagine it might get uncomfortably cold; I was also somewhat worried about accidentally biting down on a steel straw, since I like to bite straws. I also wanted something clear so I could easily tell how well I was cleaning the straws; I had been looking at glass straws, but I wanted something that wouldn’t break, and biting down on glass would be even worse than biting down on steel. All the silicone straws I had seen until I found these were opaque colors; these clear straws are apparently just silicone tubing cut into straw lengths, so a resourceful individual may be able to make their own. Personally, I thought $10 wasn’t bad for four straws (and a cleaning brush!).


I’m just posting to further the argument over whether we should be allowed to post non-straw posts in this thread or not.


I think that we should be allowed to, but that we should not do so.


[Edit: mods, please delete my post]

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This might actually be helpful for those with concerns about residual soylent contributing to tooth decay; when I drink through a straw, I can limit how much touches my teeth.

I keep meaning to start using straws at work, in hopes that it’ll seriously reduce the amount of lipstick Soylent removes. I actually bought a pack of straws that look like they’d be great for Soylent, the last time I was at Ikea:

But I keep forgetting to bring them in to work, and in the end it’s less trouble to just skip the lipstick.

I’ve used paper straws, though not for a while. When I’ve used one, it can go right in the compost bin.

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I wish @smeggot felt the same. :lips:

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My wife uses straws for… everything, she is free spirited like that. I don’t get the need but so be it!

The problem with straws is the effort it requires to suck from them. Why not put Soylent into a hanging hydration bladder and let gravity do the work for you? There’s no worse feeling than having a milkshake that’s too thick to pull through a straw

There is nothing worse than milkshake face…


That’s not lipstick…