The Tom Peterson Soylent Experience


Okay guys. I finally received my Soylent and I’ve started a video blog on my experience with it. I have to admit, watching the @vanclute videos got me through the waiting, and I’m hoping to give back a bit here. I would also be lying if I didn’t admit that doing this on camera will be a bit of a motivator for me, and I hope the community will not let me quit.

I’ve posted two new videos on a YouTube playlist here:

I know I’m not very good in front of a camera, but I’ll keep the videos short and to the point. I want to relate to you guys how Soylent is making me feel, if I see any changes in my health, and whether or not I lose any weight. I’m starting this experiment at a solid 280 pounds, so hopefully I’ll see some benefit there.

Wish me luck!



Hey Tom, great videos! Excited to see your ongoing Soylent 1.0 experiences.

I just checked out our records and it looks like when your backerkit survey was filled out, the “vegan Soylent” option was chosen – hence your receipt of vegan Soylent. We’ll definitely send you oil blend bottles on Monday, as it sounds like you intended to choose regular Soylent 1.0.

Thanks for your support. :smile:


Nice video Tom. I like the “that weird noise is my dog”. I’ve blamed a lot of things on dogs. Be sure to keep the dog around because you can also blame certain smells on them. :smile:

I am most excited that @JulioMiles popped up within an hour and “fixed” your oil issue. That’s the kind of customer support that will make Rosa Labs great. Hopefully it will make up for the total radio silence from before. (Not trying to hijack the thread here…)


Cute dog!


Thank you @JulioMiles. I figured it was something I did wrong, so no need to send the oil if it’s a problem. I can always add the canola manually…


Isn’t a problem at all! Happy to send it out.


Keep posting videos Tom.


I enjoyed the videos too. You seemed just a little apprehensive about the impending first taste, I’m glad it was better than expected. :sunny: Well-edited to save time in the video while adding the oil etc. Although I would enjoy just one video showing the whole process; tearing open the package, putting the powder and the water in the pitcher, shaking, opening and adding the oil in the morning - after you get your official oil, transferring the completed mix into your drinking vessel, etc. (I’m not usually so voyeuristic but I’ve been so eagerly anticipating receiving my own Soylent, I’d really like to see how it all is. I watched the review video with the two guys, can’t remember their names, but they were so obviously doing it wrong :D) Maybe a close-up of pouring it into the drinking bottle if possible, to show consistency and texture.


Thank you @Vicc. I’ll do a mixing video next. I really do think it makes a difference in how you prepare it.


You might want to check out @vanclute you tube Channel. I think he has a full mixing video.


Wonderful video! I appreciated your honesty about being apprehensive about the first taste and I really felt how much you didn’t want to be disappointed. I might have teared up when you said, “I’ve been waiting for this for a long time.”

Hooray for starting your journey!


Great videos, Tom! I look forward to continuing to hear about your experiences with Soylent. Thank you for providing your thoughts–this makes the wait easier.


“I taste a bit of chocolate. Maybe because it’s brown.” Bwahaha.

Good video. FYI. Never film verticle. It looks bad watching on a computer.


Thank you Laura! Your encouragement is greatly appreciated.


Can’t tell you how much I appreciate you saying that. I sure hope my dumb videos provide some good information to the folks that have to wait.


Aww, there’s a deleted video on your playlist now. I checked the playlist to see if there was a new one, looks like I was too slow. I hope you didn’t decide to ditch an otherwise good video based on the suggestion about filming horizontal. If the video is otherwise worthwhile, go ahead and post it, and just do the future ones horizontal. The real benefit (to me, at least) is seeing the spontaneous reactions and comments while someone is in the early stages of using the product, not videos done in multiple retakes to make them “perfect.” …


Thanks @Vicc. That was just me screwing up my Day 2 video. Youtube is taking forever to process it. It should be up shortly (and you are mentioned!)




Day 2 Update video! This one includes my version of how to prepare the Soylent (stolen almost directly from @vanclute.)

My apologies to @leecauble1 and @MattCauble. I referenced you two possibly being brothers, but after looking at Lee’s blog, that can’t be true. Please forgive my lack of research ahead of time.

A couple interesting points to note:

  1. I did 2 Soylent meals (with one muggle food meal) for two days. Today I’m doing all three meals of Soylent.
  2. I have no side effects. At all. No noxious gas, no headaches, no hunger. I almost feel disappointed that I’m missing out on some fun stuff. I feel like I read a lot of things from people saying how terrible their first few days were, but mine are really not much different than real life.
  3. The taste of the Soylent is actually getting better. I don’t crave sweets much either. I know it’s only day three, but it’s weird.
  4. I’m heading out on a business trip to San Fran tomorrow morning and am anxious to see how this works when travelling. I’ll try to post videos every day, but I’ll keep them short. Nobody wants to hear me for 10 minutes.
  5. I’m sorry for the video being blurry. I don’t have a camera person so it’s a little crappy.
  6. You might hear your user name being mentioned. Sorry I don’t know your names (but you know mine now!)

I know it might be better to always update my first post, but I’m going to try and add new posts to the bottom. I never liked having to go to the top and search for the section I was looking for. I found myself reading some parts of posts a couple times. Please bear with me.


I’d love to hear how you do with traveling in specific! I’ve got a business trip coming up in a few weeks to the opposite coast, and I’m really looking forward to not having to subsist on overpriced restaurant or hotel food while I’m there! My room does apparently have a fridge, so keeping a batch cold should be fine. But I won’t be taking a pitcher with me so… not quite sure yet what the best method for mixing on the road will be.

Anyway, good stuff! :slight_smile: