The trials of a "brand new" user


Okay, now that I’ve got my very first delivery, I’ve got to say this to those at Rosa Labs… WTF?!?

On Thursday I get an email saying “Hey! Your first shipment is coming!” and on Friday I get a “So now that you’ve gotten your Soylent take this survey, please.” First off, it didn’t arrive until Saturday and secondly, since I waited nearly six months for this to arrive, you could show a little patience in lieu of what you’ve asked others to endure. I mean, for chrissake! Give me a month or at least a week to try it already! lol

So, with that said, now that I’ve gotten it and tried it twice - breaking one’s self in slowly for the first week - I have to say, not bad.

What I’ve done - after reading much here - is that I’ve went out and bought a NutriBullet blender (don’t waste your money on a Magic one) and I’ve been making smoothies with it in preparation for this fateful delivery for three months now.

Normally, my smoothies recipe has been the following:

5 ice cubes
2 diced strawberries, some black and blue berries, and a third of a banana - all frozen and pre-made waiting in my freezer in little snack sized ziplock bags
1 quarter diced green apple
1/3 cup of greek yogurt
1 oz, acai juice
with pomegranate and pineapple juice to fill in the rest.

Very delicious. Now I took the same recipe and replaced the yogurt with Soylent.

Tastes just like a berry Poptart. Not as sweet but still enjoyable. Blended very well with the NutriBullet. Nothing gritty and no gaseous side effects - yet. This is the 1.3 upgrade, so who knows…


Interesting, your shake sounds yummy. I didn’t get a questionnaire from Rosa and I received my 1.2 just a few weeks ago. Regarding the gas issue I believe it may be mostly in peoples heads. I haven’t had any excess gas on Soylent (maybe even less than I usually do). When I rarely do have gas it smells horrible so I think that is why people notice it more than usual.


And their friends’, coworkers’, and significant others’ heads, too, I suppose? How fortunate for you to be able to hold that viewpoint :slight_smile:

That smoothie does sound pretty good though


Highly recommend the recipe - though it will significantly add calories to the drink. Tastes great even with the fish oil.

My thoughts is that I’m one of the first to get 1.3 and they are eager for feedback is why I was sent such a quick follow-up. No worries, just thought it was rather ironic overall.

As for gas, I’m a 50 year old, 6 ft, 235 lbs guy and that’s something I’ve been battling with personally for years. Comes and goes and I’ve yet to pinpoint the cause for this effect. Diet, exercise, even stopped chewing gum (gulping air source) to no avail. Nothing discernible yet. As for being in their heads, I would disagree. There are times when I get bloated so bad my stomach gets descended and is extremely uncomfortable until it passes. So I don’t believe it’s imaginary.

Anyways, when I signed up for this and began reading about this issue, I had my trepidation. But after only three days no adverse effects. Keeping my fingers crossed.


laughs Yeah, in their heads, noses, and lungs as well.