The truth about poo: we’re doing it wrong (and the exciting field of gut bacteria research)


This article is a bit old (and doesn’t mention Soylent), but it does talk in a vague way about gut bacteria, by way of the book ‘Charming Bowels’ by Giulia Enders.

Has anyone read the book, or got any more information about gut bacteria and health? It sounds like a relatively unexplored field that could have implications for future Soylent formulations.

Over generations, mice deprived of fiber permanently lost some species of gut microbes

I have heard of the use of fecal transplantation to restore the bacteria from a donor to a patient. I assume this is in the same vein.


Fascinating. Also how on earth is “stool transplant” not an April Fool.


I’m also now wondering if I can become a poop donor.

A link on the Wikipedia page linked above suggests that there’s a non-profit startup in America that might accept donations.

For science!


That’s about enough crap out of you.


You could always do a DIY at home fecal transplantation. (story)

It might get a little messy, though.


Unfortunately I live alone, although I have been meaning to get to know the neighbours better.