The (Un-)Official Fart Thread


Ahhh, I feel empathy for your situation, yet still this made me laugh. The fact you’re planning to continue with Soylent shows great perseverance, nice job.

Yes, I agree that Psyllium husk is good stuff. I think I’ve been taking too much though because my poops are like rabbit poops now. It comes out in little round pebbles. No wiping is required which is awesome, but I still think I need to reduce my intake a bit.


Finished off the full mix with 6 tablespoons barleans. It thickened quite a bit overnight in the fridge, so I’m gonna cut the addition of barleans in half for the next batch, so I’ll be at the same ratio as @jaskru, but no psyllium. One thing I did notice this morning. … There was a definite “POP” when I loosened the top off the mix bottle, sort of like opening a soda. Dunno if it has anything to do with anything, but thought I’d throw it out there. No farts as of yet.


Gonna have to mark the Barleans (both versions) as inconclusive for me in regards to gas. Psyllium Husk powder seems to help with bowel movements so I am going to keep up with that. Also going to try to stabilize things in my gut with some morning yogurt and ride out the subscription. If things don’t stabilize I’m going to have to cancel my subscriptions. Wish it didn’t have to come to this point but I can’t find any solution to the gas problem. Will keep an eye on the thread to see if anyone else chimes in with a possible solution.


Bowel transit time is very variable - and a lot gets mixed on the way through the system. For healthy people, what’s coming out the far end can be a mix of stuff consumed half a day ago with stuff consumed two days ago. When we think we know our personal transit time, it’s usually just us remember the transit time of something specific we ate that we can recognize - but most fecal matter is unrecognizable.

The standard test of bowel transit time, when evaluating bowel function, is to consume gel caps with red food dye, and watch for the dye to hit the other end:

The first of the color should appear in the stool about 12 - 14 hours after it is taken. The last of the color will appear within 36 - 48 hours.

From Medline article Bowel transit time.

I suspect my BTT with Soylent is quicker than with other foods, I don’t have strong reasons.


I find a few ghost chillies work too.


Useful trick for blind people.

Supplements to reduce the awful smell?

Question: am I the only one that’s having LESS gas on Soylent than regular food? Granted, my regular diet is terrible, but… I was bracing myself for the worst, because I tend to get a lot of gas, but I’ve barely been farting at all since I started Soylent.


Nope, you’re not alone. I personally have had very little, and I would say it’s probably less that my muggle diet. I have done both Soylent and soylent without issue. Fixed my acid reflux issue too.

Gas is only a problem for some, not all, it’s just that those that have the problem tend to be a bit noisier. :wink:


Very few people flock to the forums to remark on unremarkable things.


It’s a no go on the barlean greens for me. Had no effect with two servings in a days batch of Soylent… I guess I’m waiting for Rosa Labs to come up with a solution.


Thanks for the update.


I’ve given up on Beano and Phazyme, but I’ve been trying the Kombucha route for the last week or so and actually I think it might be helping

(in my mind that’s a whisper, as if saying it out loud will break the spell)

I’m still having Soylent (I’m still finishing up 1.0 though I have 1.1 and 1.2 available) for breakfast every day, and for lunch 6 days out of 7. Mostly healthy grocery or restaurant food for dinner every night.

The bloating is almost gone, and the gas I have now only comes at the very end of the day and a) it’s not as voluminous, and b) not as powerful. There might be a little here and there through the daytime, but it’s so much less than before I am finally feeling like this might be a viable solution… I hope - it’s been so long I am very skeptical.

For those who might want to try it too here’s what I’ve done so far: about 3 16oz bottles of Kombucha (2 different brands) spread in sips (no chugging) over the last 9 days.

It tastes like vinegar to me (regardless the flavor on the label) so I don’t think I’ll ever enjoy drinking it but so far I love what it seems to be doing for my digestion.

Will continue this for a while longer and report back if anything gets worse or better.

Cross fingers!


I’d like to let everyone know that I’ve killed my horrible killer farts dead. I have brought death to the not-so-silent death. HOW, YOU ASK? Oh, you didn’t ask how? WELL LET ME TELL YOU ANYWAY :open_mouth:

1/4 tsp salt
6 opened capsules of probiotics (6 billion generic brand) dumped into the mix
10 grams of creatine


Gulp it down


Don’t ask me what it is in this mix that works, but the probiotics alone didn’t seem to… it wasn’t until I added the salt and creatine that the (nastiest) farts (I’ve ever experienced in my life) went away. *shrug*

This has worked for a good 3 weeks now. I’m on v1.1. I have a week’s worth of 1.0 left that I will try it with too.


Thanks for everyone sharing their fixes. I think they need to be tested with versions other than 1.1 to be considered totally legit. And duplicated by others of course.


It would be great if you could stop the creatine and see if the farts come back. Then add it back in and see if they go away. The farts going away could just have been your body finally getting used to Soylent.

For Science!


Given that salt also helps in digestion, i can see why adding salt contributed to it going away.


It could also just be time. The microbiome finally changed enough to stop causing all the gas.

Then again, the tweaks might have prompted the change… breaking the microbiome out of the old “rut” it was in.

So many possibilities…


My gas has finally started to go away. I have very little these days. I’m only eating Soylent one or two times a day though. Having other stuff for dinner usually.

Last night I had some 1.3 (best taste so far). Only one fart the whole night. I think (hope) by January I’ll be good on Soylent.


1.1 has the enzymes…so might that be the reason? 1.1 was fine for me. Every other version I couldn’t use.


So a miracle happened yesterday. After a month of noxious green fumes emanating from my body and alienating my whole family the farts went away!

So for you all out there is hope at the end of the tunnel, just stick with it.