The Unofficial Soylent Version Changes Thread


Soylent 1.0 - 4/25/2014
Good ole’ original 1.0.

Soylent 1.1 - 10/02/2014
We have made two changes to the 1.0 formula, resulting in a food with greater neutrality and digestibility (as indicated by preliminary tests). Sucralose has been reduced from 60mg to 30mg per pouch and a blend of digestive enzymes (Alpha-galactosidase and proteases) have been added to the formula.

Soylent 1.2 - 11/10/2014
No longer uses fish oil as a source of omega 3 fatty acids. These essential nutrients are now provided by algal oil, which results in a formula produced with increased efficiency and without the use of animal products. After further evaluation, the enzyme blend introduced in Soylent 1.1 has been removed from the 1.2 formula to increase satiety.

Soylent 1.3 - 12/11/2014
Now contains dipotassium phosphate, which replaces potassium gluconate as the primary source of potassium. Through this change, we have been able to improve the neutrality of Soylent’s flavor profile while decreasing the mass of the Soylent pouch to 432 grams.

Soylent 1.4 - 2/25/2014
-Potassium gluconate is back, no more dipotassium phosphate
-Removal of bottled oil blend
-Fat sources are now powdered oils: sunflower, flaxseed, safflower and life’sDHA algal oil. The bottled canola & fish oil blend is no longer utilized.
-Macronutrient ratio has shifted from 50/30/20 to 43/40/17
-Oat flour content reduced from 110g to 70g/pouch.
-Maltodextrin content reduced from 165g to 70g/pouch.
-Protein content reduced from 113g to 84g/pouch.
-Carbohydrate source is now a blend of oat flour, corn
maltodextrin, isomaltulose, and food starches (potato, rice).
-Gum acacia removed.
-Soluble fiber content reduced from 10g to 3.9g/pouch.
-Total fiber content reduced from 30g to 16g/pouch.
-Sodium content increased from 1080mg to 1640 mg/pouch.
-Chloride content increased from 1260mg to 2300mg/pouch.
-Artificial vanilla flavor removed.

Log your opinions of 1.4 here
What were the ingredient changes from v1.3 to v1.4?
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I’ll update the post above if and when future versions get released…


Isn’t it the same as printed in every booklet in the last 3 pages?

I mean, you can share something extra (from personal observations you community discovered unofficial features), but this info is updated regularly in the link.

Maybe you can track the exact date of the release of new version. This info is not in the booklet and might be interesting for someone, as well as link to the blog’s announcement.


There are other changes they don’t list, too. Colour, taste, thickness…


I see no harm in keeping a simple running tally of changes here on the forum.


Here are specific dates in case that’s helpful:

1.0 (vegan only) began shipping on 04/25/2014
1.0 (all versions) began shipping on 05/05/2014
1.1 began shipping on 10/02/2014
1.2 began shipping on 11/10/2014
1.3 began shipping on 12/11/2014
1.4 began shipping on 02/25/2014

(Edit: This is all according to

Time between release of 1.4 and 1.5

Where did you get the 05/05/2014 date for 1.0 (all versions)? The closest I could get was the 05/01/2014 blog post indicating that they would be shipping starting that week. The blog post from 05/05/2014 said that they were already shipping.

Presumably, that means it was between 05/01 and 05/05 at some point. I was just checking to see if you had another source to pinpoint further for accuracy.


As far as I can remember, I don’t have another source. I think you’re right that it was some time between 05/01 and 05/05, and I was probably just being conservative.


Unfortunately I’m no longer able to edit the original post, so I won’t be able to update it when/if 1.5 arrives. :frowning: I might just start a new thread at that point…