The very best use for soylent


The local cineplex is showing Star Wars episodes 4,5 & 6 today in a 401 minute marathon.

Any guesses what I will be smuggling into the cinema to sustain my 6.68 hour geekfest?


LOL that’s great. Where is this? And is it the original, pre-special-edition versions? I would actually really dig that if it was.

Hmmmm… popcorn flavored Soylent anyone?


May the Fourth be with you… but not until tomorrow…



Nicely executed… didn’t even see it coming! LOL


@vanclute, he’s in Australia.


In Melbourne

I think it’s probably the remastered versions.

They did the first 3 yesterday but i had to work. I think the last 3 (well first 3 really) were the best anyway

So far so good.


Due to the magic of the international dateline, it’s 4th may here today.

And yoda is sitting on someone’s lap 5 seats away. I better behave. I wonder if he likes soylent. I’ll ask. He says “tastes like Bantha milk it does”


Session starting… Best put phone away. One last pic. They gave me an armband…


Considered that, I had not. Happy Star Wars day! Man it sucks being stuck back here in the past…

Definitely behave, that little guy can move if you piss him off.

Enjoy :slight_smile:


Hmm, could you conceal a Camelback full of soylent inside an Imperial Stormtrooper uniform?


A little bit of “bacta blue” food dye and you’d be set…