The Ways Food Tricks Our Brains



From the comments on that article, I found this review of the movie called “Forks and Knives”. Very interesting read about some of the studies that veganism comes from.


From a site with ‘raw foods’ in the URL. Should be taken with a pound or so of salt. And a side of bacon.


I agree, but the interesting thing here is that despite the obvious and admitted bias, it seems to be mainly debunking the science in the film. I didn’t read all of it, or look much into it in depth, but what I did see sounded like legitimate complaints. This doesn’t give me a lot of confidence in the movie.


That’s why I posted it- Even though it’s from a “raw foods” site, it debunks a vegan-pushing movie. It shows the whole truth behind the studies.

I just posted it because it’s an interesting read and critique of a movie that deals with what we discuss here.


hey @sylass94 , this post showed up in my feed. Reading this made me curious, is it similar to the stuff you talked about.