The zipper is a lie

Bad news, everyone. The zipper is a lie. You either need to:

  1. Make all of your soylent in 1 batch, discard bag.
  2. Make small batches and re-seal the bag.

Zipper doesn’t help in either case. Zipper gets in the way of pouring anything out, then it doesn’t seal because of powder caught in it.

So, the solution is cut the zipper clean off and pour it all out, or cut the bag so you can pour small amounts and reseal:


That’s exactly how I always cut the bag when I was still using the powdered version. (but I always mixed the whole bag at once) I also cut the extra bit right above the zipper off, too. (first)

I find a lot of powder gets stuck above the zipper. I tend to tear a little bit to let air in and then knock the powder out from above the zipper.

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flick it with your finger it will knock out the powder from the ziplock and you can then close it… I just finished off a bag and gave it a couple of flicks and was able to close it.

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If I am not going to use the full bag worth I like to use the vacuum seal tubs they work wonders

I make a full bag at the time. That being said, two notes:

  1. I have reused the bag on two separate occasions. I feed pet birds half a hardboiled egg. Being lazy, I go for the nearest bag to store the other half, and that has always been an empty Soylent bag. I have no difficulty sealing the bags. Disclosure: the bag had been rinsed, so there was no chance of powder residue in the zipper.
  2. This week I have used a competitor’s product; their powder comes in a large bag. That bag was impossible to zip back up. I tried every trick I’ve read in this discourse. I finally ended up folding the bag over many times and using a binder clip. So in comparison, RL bags are noticeably better.
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0.o You monster! Why would you do such a thing?


Nothing wrong with that at all. I feed my pet dog half a puppy.


I must disagree, the zippers on the bags are perfectly good. They do a great job of zipping up my unused portions of powder until I need them next.

I make mine in 500 calorie batches because I like it fresh - though previous versions of the powder were better after sitting overnight. Therefore I unzip and zip at least once a day if not two or three times a day, and I have it figured out.

It’s pretty easy. :cake:

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I just caught this.

The bag isn’t designed to pour out powder. That’s why Rosa Labs includes a scoop with the first order.

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True enough, but you can’t scoop out the last bit, hafta pour it. It can be kinda messy sometimes. It’s not exactly the bane of my existence, though. (that would be not being able to buy Maudite in 24 packs here)

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True enough. I actually pour the whole bag, but since I prepare by the pitcher, it is easy for me to just put the entire bag top inside of the pitcher. I can see how that doesn’t work for a shaker bottle.

Yep - I used to do it that way when I still used 1.5 (I’m all about 2.0 now).

When I used it backpacking, it was a messy experience - I used a nalgene bottle. The wind didn’t help much, either. :blush: Admittedly, I didn’t bring the scoop (because every ounce counts) but I probably will find a much lighter scoop alternative for the next trip this summer.

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