The zombie line

Apropos of nothing, I can’t believe I’m still getting the “Why are you drinking people” line or some variant thereof. I wonder when that gem will lose its luster.

Probably at least until everyone who’s heard of the movie is familiar with Soylent. Then a little longer, to account for people who love to keep repeating the ‘witty’ things they think of.

The latter people should be mocked for not having more originality, that may get them to stop sooner. :slight_smile:


When you start doing what you should have done in the first place: blending up anyone who says it into a delicious cheat-day smoothie!


People contain all the vitamins and nutrients that people need.


So never?


Just ruin the conversation like I do by saying something like;

“Oh, I read the book, didn’t watch the movie.”

Then continue…

“In the book, which was titled ‘Make Room! Make Room!’ the future Earth was over populated so they created a food made from Soy and Lentil, not like the cool Hollywood twist I know!”

Did I mention not very many people like me? :grin:


my dad said “Soylent… it makes people” to me the other day.

The joke is to be expected. Rhinehart picked a name associated in the public consciousness with both food and futurism. Unfortunately, due to an old Charlton Heston sci-fi film, it’s also associated with cannibalism. The alternative would have been an entirely new name, which is what the creators of Ambronite did. I believe it’s no coincidence that a lot more people know about Soylent than Ambronite.

In other words, you have to take the good with the bad.


I have the same name as very famous person, and I have been reminded of that gentleman’s every career move for my entire life by everyone I meet when they first learn my name. Each person knows that they are not being original, acknowledges as much, and then proceeds to say something about my name anyway. It is an understandable impulse, like a nervous tic or like my name is a gagger and they must vomit up some witty commentary. I get it. Soylent has become much the same, with the difference that the same people will often say the same thing or a close variation thereof. Regularly. And I’ve been drinking it for almost two years now, so that’s a lot of repetition.


I heard about a guy in the UK called James Brown who got so tired of people mentioning the famous musician that, in the late 90s, he changed his first name to Dan.


Them: “Soylent, huh…Doesn’t soy give you man boobs? Sounds gross.”

Me: “No, it was named after a movie where they made the … never mind”

Seriously though, a better name probably exists. Consequently, I’ve found that peoples reaction to the description of Soylent depends a lot on how you frame it (I guess like most things in life).

Just reminds me of this…


I’ll bet you made this list. My monies on Paul Revere. :horse_racing: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Think the Paul thing is to throw us off the trail :wink:

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Oh yeah, this is what it’s like to have a famous name. Then, when the movie came out, people asked me if it accurately showed what it’s like, thereby making my name a subject of not just riffing but meta-riffing.

That was a great movie, by the way.


It could well be on that list.

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One a only a handful that my Tivo got told to never delete.


but you must really like it… because of your name…


OMG - I made a suggestion on a survivalist forum. I said that I felt Soylent was a perfect emergency food for natural disasters.

I immediately got slammed that Soy gives men boobs and discredited Soylent as an emergency preparedness food.

For a quick argument I posited; how are 4.3 Billion people, 60% of the world population, Asian’s, who are massive consumers of Soy, be wrong. 2.1 Billion males would have large breasts with the amount they consume if this were true. Then, of course, someone mentioned lady boys; really… really?



It’s not exactly a disaster, but our refrigerator/freezer died last night (I found melting ice at 2 AM). I’m super glad most of my food doesn’t require refrigeration (Soylent and nuts, mostly!).

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