There was an error processing your payment, please try again


When purchasing the $65 option using a discover credit card, can’t process the request. The error is shown as in the title.



Did you try it again?


Try emailing


I have the same problem. And what would we email to that address? That there is an issue? Certainly not our credit card number.


I’m having this issue as well. Tried three browsers and both the $65 and $130 packages.


I’m having this problem too, tried a couple of times. Only replying to bring more attention to the issue :).


Hey guys, sorry about this – Crowdhoster is looking into it.


Well, you’d get a faster response than posting on the public forums.


Works now! Got an email from crowdhoster who runs their pre-order website. I just ordered and got confirmation it went thru.


Same for me, seems to be working again.