Thickening later in the day?


So far in my soylent journey ive never taken premade with me and i am running into a problem. I mix the ingredients and seperate out a third per meal and blenderize it with added water, its too thick right off the bat.

Started a new job so i had my breakfast glorp and made a shaker full for later, had it in the fridge at work for 6 hours. Opend it up and it thickend on me again!

I’m using psyllium husk as fiber and i think thats the culprit although i also have sunflower lechitin and oat flower.

Any advise my good diy’ers?


I don’t use Psyllium Husk, and use masa rather than oat flour in my recipe, so I can’t speak to either of those. I do use Lecithin as an emulsifier, but it doesn’t seem to thicken my mix much. How much Lecithin are you using?

I have found that Chia seeds really seem to thicken it up quite a bit though. I like mine a bit thick and typically mix a days worth the night before and let it sit in the fridge. The cold combined with added time for the Chia to incorporate really adds to the effect.

I would suggest using more water if you want a thinner mix, I am using 40-50 ounces in a days batch.

Which recipe are you using?


use more water for thinner consistency.


@kennufs - ditch the psyllium husks, or keep them separate to add just before drinking. If you want to experiment, try adding a little water to pure pysllium husks. It turns into jello in no time.


I think you may have meant this for the OP, @schulte257

I’ve never tried Psyllium Husk in my mix, good to know it would thicken it up further though. The Chia I am using gives it a nice consistency.


@kennufs - Yes I did. Thank you. :slight_smile:

/joys-of-using-a-cell-phone :stuck_out_tongue:


I get the same thing (I use flax and a little psyllium). I either add more water in the first place, so that pre-thickening it’s like dirty water, or I eat it with a spoon like pudding.


maybe ill just add the fiber later on until I find a suitable alternative, 48-60+ ounces of water per meal would mean new shaker bottles!


when travelling - work or whatever, i just measure my complete-powder-mix into seal-able shaker cups in meal size portions. then add liquid when required and shake. what’s the problem?